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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Back Seat of Car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

My first time was totally unplanned a real disaster in several ways. I had been out with a group from school on Saturday night. When the evening started there were five guys and five girls but as the evening went by things dwindled down to two girls and the five girls. The evening had included a lot of necking and making out with all the couples mixing and matching during the time. Around midmight the other girl said it was her curfew and we took her home. I had been in the back seat for the last part of the evening with a guy named Larry and we had been doing some real heavy making out. He had been playing with my boobs and had worked his way inside my panties was fingering me. None of this was new to me. I had let guys play with me before always stopping short of going all the way. Two of the guys said that they were going home and we let them out too. I stayed in the back seat with Larry and the other guys were in the front seat. All of a sudden as we were driving along Larry pulled his fingers out of me laid me down in the seat and started kissing my clit. I had never had anyone do that before and I got extremely excited. Them he stuck his tongue inside me and I was completely out of control. He knew I was his to do anything with so he undid his jeans pulled my panties off and got between my legs. When he tried to get it in me he was soft as could be and started cussing because he couldn’t get it up. The other guy who was not driving, Steve, told him if he didn’t hurry and do me that he was going to finish things for him. I was really frustrated at this point because I was ready to lose it and Larry couldn’t perform. He tried for several minutes but couldn’t do a thing but rub against me. Finally Steve told the guy driving to stop and when he did Steve opened the back door and told Larry to change places with him. At first Larry wouldn’t do it but when Steve ask me what I wanted to do I told Larry to change places because I was wanted to do it with someone. Steve started to play with me and I told him I had had enough foreplay to just go ahead and screw me. That was all the encouragement he needed. He took his jeans off and I spread my legs so he could go for it. He didn’t hesitate when he got the tip of his penis in my clit and just rammed it all the way in. I told him if he wanted to cum he would have to put a condom on but he said that he didn’t have one. I told him to ask Larry or the other guy for one and he did but before Larry could hand it to him I could tell it was too late and could feel he cumming in me. I told him that it was a dirty trick but he said that I had been irresponsible too by even starting without one and that he figured I really wanted him to cum anyway. Well, to make the rest of the story short, Steve knocked me up big time. Of course he tried to say that I had done it with Larry too and we had to have paternity test before he would admit that the baby was his. I had to go to court to get child support and he still has a problem living up to his obligations.

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