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Age when it happend: 9
Where it happened: garage
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

This may disguss some people, but I kinda want to share
it anyway. Around seven years ago, me and my three cousins
(2 girls and one guy. One girl was 7 at the time, the other
one was 5. The guy was 10.)were playing in the garage when
we saw our pet dog licking himself. The idea came to us all
at once: “Why don’t we try that on eachother??” Months pass,
and every once in a while we got together for our group
session. We were ofter caught, but that couldn’t stop us!
We called it “Dog-Dog”(Stupid, huh? Well, we were just kids
then). So, whenever anyone of us felt horny, we would just
ask, “Dog-Dog?” Then the person answers, “Dog-Dog.”
On weekends, my whole family holds reunions. There, I see
my OTHER cousins. I introduced the art of Dog-Dog to them
as soon as possible. This time, all seven of us cousins
were licking and succing the night away!! (We were still
too young to have be able to errect our pennises, so we
couldn’t fuck yet, only after seeng a video years later.
The guys also stopped doing eachother, but the girls
didn’t.)Soon my three cousins left for the States, and
the six grew out of it.
Today, when I get kinda horny, I recall the fun times of
chilhood. (Sometimes, it is not even fun thinking of it. I
get disgusted. I was totally evil when I was supposed to be
innocent. This is one of the reasons why I hate myself so
much. I wish that never happened.)

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