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Do me NOW!

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: His grandparents house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

The first time a climaxed… My boyfriend, Caleb, and I were making out on the couch in the computer room at his grandparents house. He was on top of me kissing my neck and rubbing my breasts which was making me really wet and making him so hard he had to move his cock a little bit to make sure he wasnt hurting me with it. He was starting to really go at it and moved one of his hands to my thighs which were exposed due to the incredibly short skirt i was wearing. He slowly inched his hands closer to my wet pussy. He rubbed his hand over my underwear and moaned “Am I making you wet?” I could barely speak but lightly moaned that he was. He pulled down my light blue underwear with the little bow at the top he took his fingers and started rubbing my clit with them. then he moved his head to my pussy and rubbed his tongue across my clit after a while he took two fingers of his big, strong hands and pushed them deep inside my pussy. I was really close to coming but was afraid because i had never come before and didnt know how it would feel or if he would like it if i did. I told him to stop really abruptly which kind of scared him so he asked me what was wrong and I told him that i wanted him to do me. He reminded me that his grandparents were still home. I replied violently “I dont care do me NOW”. He all but ripped my clothes off and i was in a rush to get his off as well. I stared at his huge cock while he put on the condom. He leaned over me and slowly penetrated me. I was so wet but tight and his penis was so big that the friction felt unbelievable. I moaned in pleasure and whispered his name since we still had to be quiet. Then told him to go harder and faster. As he did i could feel myself getting ready to have an incredibly intense orgasm. The feeling built and built till i couldnt control it any more. luckily he was a little bit S&M because i bit on to his neck to make sure i didnt scream. It felt unbelievable i squirted everywhere and my whole body convulsed. Caleb and I are still together to this day and we have an incredible sex life together

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