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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: apartment
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I first went all the way on my wedding night. It was an evening wedding, and we were both very tired by the time the festivities were over and we got to my apartment. She assured me she was a virgin, and tried hard to avoid sex that night, promising me a wonderful time the next day. n

We had a LDR where I would spend a week or two in her city, staying in her parent’s spare bedroom, then going back to work in another state. Eventually I found a job in her city, and we quickly set the wedding wheels in motion. I found an apartment and moved in a week before the wedding. n

Now my finance seemed highly sex but very conservative, and teased the hell out of me. When her parents were home (theoretically asleep at night) she’d let me get her pants off and make me finger her to orgasm. Later she started me eating her to multiple orgasms. n

When her parents were at work, I couldn’t even see her undressed, let alone take a shower with her. And when she was worn out orgasming, she wouldn’t do anything for me, leaving me to jerk off by myself. n

She came to my apartment, but wouldn’t even give me more than a kiss and hug, let alone make out, even with the wedding almost upon us. I was naive and really confused.

Anyway, back to our apartment after the wedding. Now I understood that taking her cherry would hurt her (she said she was virgin), so I decided that I would simply pop it on the wedding night and then the next day we could take our time and do things right. Perhaps I was thinking “pay-back” for her never getting me off… n

Getting her to go to bed naked was an argument. But she was tired, and and after a short bit of kiss and caress it wasn’t hard to get her legs spread. She was plenty wet enough for me to slide all the way in, and she easily and naturally accepted me with absolutely no discomfort. I came quick and we went to sleep without her even beginning to get started on an orgasm. n

The next morning, she repeatedly said it had hurt like hell, reminding me of Shakespeare’s line “I think the lady doth protest too much.” n

It only took a couple of days before we got the sexual how-to worked out between us and we having simultaneous orgasms. Then she said she wanted to try a new position “like xxx did to me” — a really bad slip of her tongue. n

Turns out she had been one of several waitresses fucking a stud bus boy where she worked before we got married. He was very experienced and taught her a lot. She did everything for him, and only married me because he was a player and her parents pressured her not to marry inter-racially. n

She used me during our LDR/engagement, and my good job/money/future/same religion was what made me marriageable. Still, sex with her was good, and we lasted 5 years before I finally divorced her.

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