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Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: In the desert
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Me and Ali had gone on a desert safari, we camped on a dune
and set about preparing our dinner. As night approached, Ali
came over and we sat around a fire, he then pushed himself
near me and then we found ourselves kissing passionately.
He then ran his hand under my dress and pulled the panties
down over my feet, I was already wet and breathing heavily.
He started licking my clitoris, and his tongue wondered in
to my cunt. The sensation was wonderful his tongue darted
around my labia and at that time he pulled his trousers down
and removed his underwear; my God! his huge dick popped out
of the undies – it was so huge, almost 9 inches long and so
thick that it filled my palms and more. I held it in my hand
as it was erect and so hard that I could not even bend it;
it was pointing to the sky and I could feel it throbbing.
He parted my legs gently pushed it inside my virgina a quarter
of the way, I felt a sharp pain but he was so gentle and
then I felt the pleasure and then he pushed into me half of
way and then he kept on pumping. As the shaft was rubbing on
my clitoris I screamed with pleasure as I reached my climax.
He then pushed all the way, I could feel it pounding my
cervix and I felt like I am going to burst. He then started
pumping very fast and then he reached his climax filling me
up with his cum.

Once a week we will do it and every time is better than the

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