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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Cinema
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Me and my cousin (who was 19)had decided to go to the cinema,and we sneaked into a theatre that was showing soft-porn movies.It was a mid-week afternoon showing,and when we got inside we found we were the only ones there,so we went and sat in the back row.
After about 15 minutes of watching naked bodies cavorting about on the screen,and getting semi-erect,I felt my cousins hand move onto my knee,so I froze,never having experienced anything like this before.His hand,ever so slowly,began to creep up my the inside of my thigh.Even though I felt a bit scared,I could feel my cock getting harder than it had ever been before,and I was feeling really light-headed.Then his hand reached my cock and started rubbing it,and I moaned quietly,so he eased my jeans open,and tugged them down over my knees,and did the same with my shorts,and gently grasped my stiff cock,pulling the foreskin back.I shuddered with pent-up pleasure,so he got hold of my hand,and guided it to his groin,where I felt his stiff manhood straining against his trousers.I clumsily unzipped him and eased his swollen cock out,and it was massive.It must have been at least 8 inches long,and it was throbbing,so I started rubbing him the same way he was rubbing me.With his free hand he pulled my T-shirt over my head,so suddenly I was virtually naked on the back row of a cinema.He pulled his T-shirt off,made me stand up with my back to the wall,crouched down,and took my swollen cock in his mouth,he took my whole length,and I felt my hips thrust forward so the tip of my cock was seemed to slide down his throat.By now my whole body was quivering,and all I wanted was a release from this sweet torture,and I didn’t care who saw me.After my cock had slid in and out of his mouth a couple of dozen times I felt a wave of ecstasy roll over me as gouts of come spurted out of my cock into his mouth,so much so,that it was dribbling back out of his mouth.I’d still been rubbing his cock while he was sucking me,and he started moaning “I’m coming,I’m coming,I’m coming” as he gave a massive shudder and spurted come all over my cock which was still dribbling come.We slumped back into our seats grinning at each other.
Suddenly the back door opened and a figure stepped in,looked at us,and said loudly “You two perverts! Pick up your clothes and come with me now!”
Still naked,we grabbed our clothes and followed him out through the door
Apparently he was the projectionist as well as being the manager,and he took us into the projection room.
“I’ve been watching you two from in here since you both started playing with each others cocks,one sucking the other off,and rubbing up against each other”
But as he was saying this I could see that he was getting stiffer and stiffer,so that I felt myself getting harder again,and so was my cousin.
The projectionist licked his lips,and his right hand started rubbing his fast hardening cock,so my cousin started to rub his cock too,so I decided to join in,so the projectionist undid his trousers,and let them fall to the floor,showing us his thick penis which was pointing to the ceiling with a little pre-cum dribbling from the thick purple circumsized tip.
“Suck me”he said looking at me,so I did to him what my cousin had done to me,and took him in my mouth and started sucking noisily.While I was sucking his cock,my cousin got on his knees next to me and started licking his balls,while at the same time reaching across and grabbing my cock and wanking me,so I returned the favour and and grasped his hugh member and started rubbing fast and hard.
The projectionist started breathing heavier and heavier,grabbed the back of my head,thrusting harder and harder until he suddenly went still and I felt massive spurts of cum stream out of his cock and fill my mouth until I thought I was choking,but I felt so turned on with a guys cock in my mouth and my cousin rubbing my stiff cock that I felt myself cum again and again and again,while my cousin came as well,so the projectionist fell onto his knees and took my cousins cock into his mouth to drink up his cum as it spurted out,while rubbing my cock and wiping his cum into mine mixing the two together,and then kissed me so I could taste my cousins sex.

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