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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: church
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

It was a Saturday morning and the church my family attended had planned a ski day for the high schoolers. Since I couldn’t drive (I was only 15) I talked my dad into taking me to pick up my gf (who was also 15)and dropping us off at the church to catch the ski bus. After my dad dropped us the trip was cancelled and everyone left. This was before the days of cell phones and no one was working at the church so we had no way of calling anyone to pick us up. We decided to spend the day together and wait for my dad to come back late that afternoon.
At first we ran around and had snowball fights and ended up stuffing snow down each other’s sweaters and jeans. Eventually we got cold and decided we’d better see if we could get inside the church to warm up. Eventually I found a basement door that was unlocked and we went inside. It was dark and we couldn’t turn on the lights but we made our way to a Sunday School room and sat in the dark and talked. We had only been bf and gf for a few weeks and hadn’t done anything except french kissing. In fact, that was all I had ever done with a girl before and I was sure she hadn’t done anything either. Before long we got tired of talking and we started making out with me sitting next to her. At first i was scared to death to try anything but I thought I knew what to do since I had secretly read some porno books and looked at magazines my best friend stole from his dad. I finally decided it was now or never and so I let my hand wander some and lightly ran it over her small boobs and she didn’t tell me to stop! I got a little braver and worked my way ever so slowly under her sweater and then actually cupped one of her boobs in my hand (still over her bra) and again she didn’t resist. One thing the porno books and mags didn’t teacn me was how to unhook a bra. lol So my next step was to shove her bra cups up so I could actually feel her bare nipples. OMG I thought a girl’s boobs were the most amazing thing in the world. It was pitch dark and my hand was still under her sweater and so I couldn’t see anything so I just imagined what they looked like as I gently touched them and lifted them to test their weight. Mind you, she was probably only a 32A but they were perfect to me (and, girls, some guys like myself continue to think smaller is better).
Finally we decided to get more comfortable and layed down on the floor next to each other. We continued to kiss and eventually I got even braver and started moving my hand south. Again she didn’t stop me until I was resting my hand directly on her crotch but over her jeans. In the porno stuff the guy always was trying to get his fingers or his cock or his tongue inside the woman and so I thought that a girl didn’t really get turned on unless something was inside her. So I didn’t think what I was doing was doing anything for her but it sure was getting me going! As I tried to work my hand between her legs she reached down and grabbed my wrist and I thought she was trying to stop me. But instead, she began guiding my hand back and forth over the front of her jeans and I quickly caught on that she was being turned on by me rubbing her there. It was also a sign to me that I could be braver and I slowly moved my hand up and started fumbling with her button and zipper and eventually had her pants undone and my hand working its way under the elastic of her panties. It seemed to take forever but I soon found myself touching her most intimate place. This story is already too long. So to make it shorter I will tell you that I ultimately got her jeans and panties down to her knees and got turned around so I could taste her. Since she couldn’t spread her legs much with her clothes at her knees I had to content myself with only using my tongue near the top but she was definitely turned on. It wasn’t until later that I learned more about female anatomy and discovered I was hitting the right spot lol.
I kept wishing she would touch me and do something to me but she never did. I guess that’s a good thing or I’m sure we would have gone all the way that very first time. But we didn’t and we both felt so guilty about what we did that we didn’t do anything together sexually after that. Even so, I learned alot and will never forget my first time with a girl.

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