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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time was five years ago. I was 17, he was 23. My parents told me not to go out with him. Thye thought he was to smooth and worldly, exactly the reason I wanted to go out with him. I had dated him twice before it happened and he was a perfect gentleman both times. The second time, he kissed me on the forehead when he dropped me off at the door. I expected him to make a move.

He took me to a party to meet some of his friends. They were wealthy and knew how to play. It was the first time I had been to a party where blacks and whites mingled so freely. Couples would sneak off to the bathroom and come back buzzed. Booze was everywhere. I had a few drinks and sampled a little powder. As the evening wore on, I started feeling very good. Jeremy would spend some time with me then go off to work the crowd. One tall black man, Ted, would come on to me whenever Jeremy left. He would leer down my blouse and ask me if I wanted to do a black man. I told him I had never done any man and he would be the last. He just laughed and said “WeÆll see.” I hated his arrogance

Jeremy came back about midnight when the music was slow and very romantics. He swept me into his arms and we danced. His hands gently massaged my back. Soon, he backed me into a corner and began stroking my ass. I stopped him, saying someone might see. He kissed me, a very deep, open-mouthed kiss. I liked it. I kissed back.

He cupped my breast and I covered his inquisitive hand with mine so no one could watch. He teased my nipple until it was hard and sensitive. He swept his other hand down my side and began pulling my dress up. I stopped him again. I was enjoying the sensations. I was getting a little wet between my legs but modesty still kept me from giving in.

I thought I would give him a few more minutes and then stop. His lips trailed down my neck toward my tits. His hand unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse before I stopped him again. He smiled and pushed me gently against a door. It swung open and he backed me into the bedroom. I kept thinking that if I let him play with me a little bit, I could stop him before we went to far.

Before I knew it, he had me on the bed with my blouse undone. His teeth were nibbling at my nipples through the thin cloth of my bra. The feeling was sensational. He went for my dress again. Knowing his goal, I blocked his hand. He told me to relax and began tracing circles just above my knees with his tongue

Very slowly he moved up my thighs. Before I knew it, my legs were spread wide apart and he was working the strap between my legs with his lips. I tried to push him away but he pushed aside my panties and began sucking on my clit. His hands reached under my legs, lifting the high and stripping me of my bra. His hands on my tits and his tongue in my pussy brought me to a crashing orgasm. I was dimly aware that we werenÆt alone in the room, but I didnÆt care.

He pulled the rest of my clothes off and stripped. I watched him. I wanted to see what a hard cock looked like. He stepped closer to me and I reached out to feel it.

“Put it in your mouth,” he said. It sounded exciting, so I did. He moved it in and out gently as his fingers strummed by clit. I came again. He laid me down on the bed and mounted me. I was eager to give up my virginity to him. His cock felt wonderful as he popped my cherry and pumped me long and deep. I came quickly and almost came again before he finished and rolled off. I was in a lust-ridden fog as I begged him for more. He got up and went to the bathroom and someone else lay down beside me. It was one of the men from the party. I didnÆt know his name. His fingers entered my pussy and any resistance I might have had melted away. Soon, he slid his cock where his finger were and I loved the sensation. I came again, a harder different kind of orgasm than before.

I heard a low laugh and a voice said “Turn her over.” The man rolled me onto my stomach. A pair of hands spread my legs wide apart and lifted my ass up. I was powerless to stop any man from doing anything with me that night. I felt his cock enter me from behind. “IÆm not even going to be the last man you do tonight,” he whispered into my ear. It was Ted. When he finished, I asked him to send Jeremy back in.

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