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Where it happened: At The Beach
Langauge: English
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

About s ago me and three of my other friends went to the beach for the night. To be exact one girl and two guys. We all went to a Jamacian Club and got tore up. About 2:00am we headed back to our hotel. The sleeping arangements we suppose to be me and the other girl in one bed and one guy on the other bed and my guy friend on the pull out couch. Well my guy friend turned on some slow jams. He and I had been atracted to each other for abouts now, but things just kept getting in the way of us getting together. He asked me to come lay on the couch with him. He started to massage my back and neck. His touch was very slow and sensual. He eventually started to kiss my neck with very soft kisses. He caressed my body with his fingers. Still keeping his touch slow and steady. Slowly he removed my clothes still continueing with the soft caresses and kisses. He was very slow and took his time. After a while he slowly penetrated inside of me taking slow and long movements. He still continued to caress me. After a while he flipped me over and penetrated into my backside. Every move he made still was slow and steady. I had never felt this feeling before. My whole body was in shock. He slowly turned me over and penetrated back inside me. Still continueing with the slow and long movements. Also still kissing my body. My body was tingling all over. We keep having sex for at least two hours. I can not remember who many times I came that night, but I now it was several. That was the best sex I had ever had. We continued to have a relationship up till this day. Now we are engaged to be married. So don’t under estimated the power of sex in a relationship!

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