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Age when it happend: 28
Where it happened: Her Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

Sandra and I had known each other for more than 6 years before we got married. It started with a kiss on the lips, then I proceeded to press her breast, remove her bra and pressed the warm flesh of her lovely mikly glob. This went on and proceeded to touching her pussy from outside her panties and then inside, stimulating her clitoris till she was wet and panting. She then reached for my penis, and remarked, Wowm what a big one. She was a virgin but instinctively, she gave me a handjob. This went on for several years, and she kept her virginity for me and I controlled my passion of not fucking her till we were married.
On our wedding night, December 15, 1983. She wore the flimsiest yellow, transparent gown, with matching transparent panties and no bra underneath. I was hot with flushes and could not control myself. After so many years of pettting, I had to do it. I quickly remove her gown and gazed at her nakedness for the first time.I started kissing her pasiionately and sucked her breast till she moaned. I then fingered her clitoris like usual and her pussy was wet with juices. This time was different I am going to penetrate her with my penis.
She started stroking my penis till it was rock hard, spread her legs wide opened and said” Honey, I am yours, break my hymen”. I spread her pussy with one hand and guide my throbbing penis with the other to her hole. I pushed and found something was blocking, so I pushed harder and she cried out, “AHHHH” and my penis for the first time in my life was buried in a warm, tight hole and I had the greatest sensation. I ignored her cry, and started pumping in and out of her for what it was worth for some time, she then began to moan and griped my hips with her legs and started to hump, I came and squirted my sperm into her. We fucked 6 times in 1 hour during that night. After 14 years of marriage, two kids, more matured lovemaking, like doing all sort of positions, sucking her pussy and she sucking mine and using a vibrator etc.. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO FUCKED HER 6 TIMES IN ONE HOUR SINCE. The first time is always the best, the passion, the feeling, the mood and a very tight , warm and ahhhhhh a VIRGIN HOLE and so much in love.

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