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deep end lover

Where it happened: swimming pool
Langauge: English
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

i was undressing in the changing rooms,slipping into my slinky bikini.as i slipped of my panties over my slender hips i noticed a small crack in the door, i was being watched!!!!! my nipples grew hard but i didnt no why! I was excited! I turned away and finished changing. every where i turned i could feel his eyes deap in my back, my body started to rithe with excitment, what was happening, id never felt like this b4. I strode into the swimming pool area and lowered myself into the cold wet water, my nipples got harder, i felt tingles shiver down my inner thighs, i felt a rush of excitment between my legs i gracefully did the breast stroke across the pool. He swam in my direction My hand brushed across his hard throbbing cock, i become flushed and he flashed a gleeming smile back at me, it was intense, the feeling i was getting. I felt a pair of temder hands around my waist and a hard cock against my back and felt pleasure, i felt suprising at ease as his hand slipped inside my bottoms, his hand caressed my heaving pussy and he slipped a finger inside, the excitment was immence as his fingers moved around inside me and the warmth crept up on me as the feeling id never felt before erupted inside me. his fingers slipped out, he slide my bottoms to one side and thrust his throbbig member inside me and the feeling of intensity grew inside me, his hands fingered my nipples and i felt a well of excitement leave my body i was left shaking in rhythmic orgasm, he kissed my neck and turned me round slipping his tounge into my mouth as his tounge massaged mine. He kissed my forehead and we swam away. A month later i saw him at the pool again…….

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