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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

The plan was for him to come over to my house after my parents had gone to bed and watch a few horror movies with me, cause it was around halloween time. The clock read 12:30 as I lay in my bed impatiently watching through the window for him to appear. I had remembered to keep my door locked incase my mother was unable to sleep and decided to check up on me. Soon enough his tap rang out on the window, so I opend it and let him in.
My window is over my bed, so he crawled in, onto my bed with me. We welcomed eachother with a kiss, and then he popped in the first movie…. Children of the Corn, then turned off the lights.
We snuggled for a bit while watching the movie, but the tempation was too much for him as he reached under my shirt and started to tweak the nipples of one of my ‘D’ breasts. We started kissing, and then he slowly started to take my clothes off.
He started to hold and rub my boobs as he quickly made his way down to my snatch with his mouth. I had never felt anything like this befor, and naturally arched my back in pleasure, moaning for him not to stop. He ate me out until I came, trying as hard as possible to keep my moans quiet.
Billy kept my legs spread as he quickly got his pants off. By the light of the movie I could see his erect dick be freed from his boxers.
Slowly he eased the head of his pecker past my virgin lips, then roughly slammed into me with all his force. I screamed out as pain and pleasure mixed. Rythmatically he continued to fuck me until I waived over a few oragsms, then finally came inside of me.
The movie had already ended by the time we had finished pleasureing each other for the first (and not the last time). Around 9 in the morning he quickly slid from my bedroom window as we heard my parents stir in the kitchen.
A few minuets later I read the doorbell ring, so I tied my robe on and ran out to see who it was… and it was Billy. I invited him in, and after I got dressed we went to the movies, and had the joy of our second fuck.. and our first public screw in one…

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