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Debut with Dani

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Dani's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My girlfriend, jenny, wouldnt let me sleep with her, even though we had dated a year. i loved her and wanted to respect her, but i was horny and a virgin. her best friend dani went to another school, but i knew her good to. one night when jenny was at a relatives, dani invited me over to hang out. she told me how she knew about my displeasure with jenny, and she didnt want to see us break up. without saying a word, she began kissing me. i asked her what was up and she told me that she wanted to please me since jenny wouldnt. that way i could be happy and still be with jenny. i thought hard for a minute and returned to kissing with her. Jenny was a beautiful 15 year old girl, but she didnt have the body like dani. Dani was about 5-5 with long curly brown hair. her chest was a good 34c and her tight tummy was pierced. My hands made their way up her shirt and squeezed her tits. he responded by grabbing my cock. she unzipped my shorts and began stroking it inside my shorts. she lifted off her shirt and undid her bra. her bare firm tits stood before me. i began sucking and kissing them while she pulled my cock out. she told me to stand up and she removed my shorts and boxers. she then slipped off her shorts and told me to lay on the floor. i did so, on my back and she laid down on top of me in 69. i had never been this close to a pussy and i began licking it immediately. she then took my cock in her mouth and sucked it good. i shot a quick load into her mouth and she continued sucking. i began fingering her and she got really wet. she slid her wet pussy down my chest to my cock and slid herself in. she began thrusting herself on me and moaned outloud. we fucked in a few more positions before i shot my 2nd load all over her tits. we ended up having sex about once a week for a few months. then jenny caught on and dumped me. Dani is dating someone else now, but we still hook up.

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