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Where it happened: sleeping in bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was asleep in my bedroom and at about 1:00am my older
sister’s boyfriend Mark, who was 19, came in to my room.

I woke up when I felt someone lifting up my t-shirt. I
pretended to be asleep, because I was a little freaked
out and didn’t know what was going on.

I realised in my groggy state that it was Mark who
must have sneaked into my room for some reason. I
guessed he liked me and I’d had a big crush on him
for a long time. I was a little thrilled at this
strange attention.

He was very carefully pulling up my shirt bit by bit. I
didn’t really know how to react so I just pretended to
sleep through it. He exposed my breasts and started
to gently caress them with his hands. I became a little
self conscious and rolled over onto my side. He stopped
touching me for about 5 mins. I could hear his heavy
breathing. I suppose he was deciding what to do.

He lifted up my shirt to expose my back and started
kissing me there. Then for what seemed like an eternity
he pulled down my panties. I guess he became confident
that I wouldn’t wake up since he rolled me onto my
back and spread my legs open.

I was still a virgin and had never done ANYTHING with
a boy before, so I was very nervous and excited. I
didn’t really know what he was doing to me but I felt
it was just because he liked me somehow. It felt nice.

He started licking me there and I let out a little
groan at the shock of it. He obviously freaked out
because he seemed to recoil from the bed and didn’t
touch me for another 10 minutes. I peeked and saw him
just standing there in the dark. Eventually he went
back to stroking my tummy and breasts and put his finger
inside of me.

I squinted and watched him. I knew he wouldn’t be able
to see me watching him since it was so dark. The bed
rocked as he pulled down his pants and slowly crept
over me. It was so strange to be naked and
spread wide with him hovering over me. I felt so
exposed but excited at the same time. I could see in
the dim light his big thing sticking out. I didn’t
known what a “hard on” was then or what he was intending
to do with it!

He lay on top of me and pushed his thing against my
hole. I still pretended to sleep as he paused to watch
my reaction. I could feel him trembling. He must’ve been
very exited and scared at the same time. I can’t imagine
what he would have done if my older sister
or my parents had caught him!

He rubbed his thing against my clitty and I felt lots
of strange feelings. I was very wet and sensitive down
there and it felt like a hot furnace between my legs.
He even started to kiss my lips and neck.

It was like a weird kind of familiar dream as he pushed
his thing into me. I didn’t expect him to do it, so I
couldn’t stop from letting out an “oh” of surprise.
Instantly, he clamped his hand over my mouth. I tried to
resist and he pushed hard into me. I felt my cherry
tear as he pushed his huge thing right into my hole.

It hurt but at the same time it felt so good. I looked
right into his eyes now. He watched me with a strange
expression but didn’t stop now he knew I was awake. He
continued to thrust into me and I stopped resisting
and gave into him. He kept his hand over my mouth. I
was a little scared at his actions.

As I felt him inside of me, I wondered if he did this
with my older sister too. Strangely, I felt kind of
empowered in a way, that my big sister’s boyfriend liked
me and wanted to do this with me.

I felt him shudder and he came inside me. I could feel
him spurting in me and wondered if he was peeing or

Eventually, he went soft and I felt a bit icky with all
the stuff oozing out of me. He cuddled me for a while
but we never said anything. He pulled up his pants and
left the room. I heard his car drive away and I just
lay there for a while before cleaning up and falling

I never told anyone and we never talked about it. He
continued to date my sister for a couple of years even
though he would often come into my room and fuck me
after my sister had gone to bed. It was our little


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