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Debbie Did Me in Dallas

Where it happened: Parking
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Many of the stories on this site sound like porn flicks more than “first time” stories! My first time was much clumsier than those. As a 19 year old college Freshman in Dallas, I started dating a beautiful woman in her mid twenties. I’ll call her Debbie. She had wavy shoulder length brown hair, dimples, and a body to die for! We had only been going out a couple of weeks when we went “parking.” The night before that we had made out in a park, and I got so turned on I thought I was going to die. I think Debbie knew I was a virgin and wanted to help me become a man. Anyway, we were parking and “making out” pretty heavy. Back in high school I used to make out like that with my girlfriend, but, like me, she was a virgin and neither of us wanted her to loose her virginity before marriage. Debbie, on the other hand, was no virgin! She had already been married and divorced and knew exactly what she wanted.

I reclined the passenger seat of the car and crawled on top of her. We were kissing pretty heavily and I was groping her. Then she got on top and took off her shirt and bra. In the moonlit night I could see her perfect 36B breasts. I was so hard and horny I thought I was going to cum in my pants. We made out a while longer with me fondling her bare breasts. Then she unzipped my pants and pulled them off me. My hard dick was bulging through my white briefs. She told me, “I just want to look at it.” I was pretty nervous and excited. (I have an average size penis, and I was worried it wouldn’t be enough.) She pulled down my briefs, turned on the dome light, and gently grasped my dick, examining it as if she were a doctor. I was hard as a rock. “Well,” I asked timidly, “do you think it’s big enough?” She smiled at me sweetly and looked into my eyes, “Yes, of course, it’s just right.”

She then turned off the light and lay down on her back in the reclining seat and guided me on top of her. She pulled up her skirt to reveal her soaking wet panties. “Kiss me!” she said in a deep, almost desperate voice. I started French kissing her and she pulled me closer. Believe it or not I still did not know we were going to have sex. My ex-girlfriend and I had done some pretty heavy petting in high school, but I never penetrated her. I just thought this was more of the same. She started giving me instructions that I couldn’t understand. In a half-delirious voice, Debbie kept saying to me, “Sperm out, sperm out!” But in her breathless moan it sounded like she was saying “Sperm HOUSE, sperm HOUSE!” She was afraid of getting pregnant and wanted to make sure I would pull out before ejaculating, but I had no idea what she was trying to tell me. I just got all confused, not even realizing that we were about to have sex.

Debbie finally gave up trying to explain the basic procedure for “coitus interruptus.” She began breathing very heavy and moving her hips up, pushing against my bare cock. (She was probably thinking, “When in the world is he going to go ahead and fuck me? Geez!) She was still wearing the skirt and panties and I was still wearing my shirt. All of a sudden Debbie cried out, “I want you!” and in one quick motion she grabbed my dick and guided passed her panties and it into her hot, wet vagina. It felt so good, yet it scared me since I was not expecting it. So I pulled out and kept kissing her and groping her. That, of course, was not what she wanted, so again she drew me to her, pulled aside her panties, grabbed my dick and literally forced it inside her. “There!” she ordered. Oh, it felt good! She grabbed my buttocks and held me in her for what was probably about thirty s and started to push up against me in a rocking motion. Again, I got scared and was not quite sure if this was right, so I pulled out and put my clothes back on. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned (more than a little disappointed!). Then she put her clothes back on and we drove back to the college. That was my first time.

We spent the next day together. All day she keep smiling at me and telling me that I was not a virgin any more. It hurt my feelings a little, and I felt cheated because I didn’t get to enjoy it fully on my first time. That night we went parking again, in the same spot. Since I was “no longer a virgin,” I was determined to go for it. I pulled off all her clothes, reclined the seat and laid her in her back. She smiled knowingly and spread her legs. I took of my clothes. I mounted her and immediately put my dick inside her and began pumping. Debbie loved it! Soon she began to moan in pleasure and I came inside her. We did it twice that night and many times after that.

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