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Daycare Dad

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: His Place
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I was in college at the time that it happened. I was working for a small daycare where a little cutie went to school. Her dad was single and a load on the eyes. I was attracted to him from the first moment I saw him.
One day he called and asked me if I could give his daughter a ride home because his car had broken down. I told him it was no problem and we would be there shortly.
When we arrived at his apartment, he told me he was grateful for my gesture and asked if I would like to stay for dinner. I knew I had some studying to do but agreed anyway to make a good impression. After we ate, he gave his child a bath and put her to bed.
We sat on his couch and started to talk. He asked me questions about my family and school. He gave me his story also. I started to really flirt with him and he took to it so well. He leaned over and kissed me and I was almost jelly! After that, he asked if I had ever been with a man. I told him I had not and wanted to wait until I was married. He said that was fine but kept kissing me.
After about thirty minutes of heavy kissing, I was so hot!! I told him that I wanted to make love to him. He looked so happy. He started to unbutton my shirt and slip his soft hands under my skirt. My feelings were so mixed up. I wanted him so bad and my body told the story. He removed my bra and started to kiss my 40D’s. He told me my breasts were beautiful and they were the best he had ever seen. Then he took off his jeans and revealed a manlihood that I almost said no to. I knew the first time would hurt but this guy would tear me apart. He asked if I was ready for him and I said yes. He slowly entered my wet pussy. It did hurt a lot. He was being so gentle and sweet with me. After a while the pain subsided and it started to feel decent. He lasted about 45 minutes. When he was about to come, he asked if he could come all over my tummy. Then he did. It was so hot!! Then he told me to clean up because he had another surprise in store for me.
I hurried in the bathroom, trying to clean up and make myself more passionate. When I returned to him, he was waiting patiently on the bed. He told me to get on my back and close my eyes. He started to kiss my mouth and then moved down to the rest of my body. He opened my legs and started to kiss my inner thighs. I was going crazy with this teasing. Finally, he slid his toungue all over my outer lips. I had never been eaten out before and was sorry I had never done it. He slipped a finger into my pussy, which was still slightly sore. He looked at me and asked if I was ready for his mouth. He moved his head in between my thighs and started to lick all my pink parts. I was in heaven. His lips are so full and when he grabbed my clit with them and started to suck on it, I flew into an orgasmic rage. He just kept sucking my pussy until I was finished. I told him that had never happened before. He said because I had been with all the wrong guys. Then he asked if I was okay and wanted to make sure I was okay with him. I told him of course I was and thanked him for being so compassionate.
We started to date after that and a couple of years later I became a stepmom and a mom to my own child with him. Now my husband and I share this experience every night and it is wonderful. Only now I am much better!!

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