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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I went to on a bus trip to an amusement park with 2 of my friends, Trish who just turned 15 and Alexa 13. I sat next to them with a guy I hardy knew, Alllan. He was 17. At the park we kind of hung around with Al and his friend. Al and I became friends and started dating. He was so sweet to me. We fooled around a little but never went all the way. I kept my friends informed of our progress. Trish went all the way with 1 guy about 3 months before this. Alexa was shy and never had a boyfriend. Trish asked me if I would fool around with Al and let Alexa watch. I decided that would be exciting. We set it up so they would be upstairs in my house when my parents were gone for the evening and I would fool around with Al on the couch downstairs. They would be able to see OK. Al came over to watch TV with me. He even brought a little gift, a cute little teddy bear. We started to make out. I was really extra excited knowing we were being watched. Al was smooth, he kissed and hugged and rubbed and whispered how good I looked and smelled and felt. In a few minutes My shirt was open and he was trying to get my jeans off. I didn’t stop him. When I was down to my panties he unbuckled his jeans and they came off. His shirt was next. Now we were both in just in undies. He got me so excited I forgot about the girls spying on us. He said do you think you’re ready to go all the way? I said I think so, lets take it slow, OK? Of course he was just super, he sucked my tits for 5 minutes then worked his way down my body. We ended up naked with him eating me out. I was cumming alot. Then he layed back and I sucked him. He said I was doing super. I climbed on top and he said go slow, take your time. He got a condom on and I guided it in. It hurt for a few seconds but it got real good. I got loud. After a couple minutes he picked me up and started to carry me, we were still doing it. When we reached the steps I remembered my friends. He carried me up the steps, saying we should do it in my bed. The girls didn’t move fast enough, they were caught. It was embarressing. Trish started talking, saying it was her idea, please don’t blame Dawn(me). He said If you wanna watch just ask. He walked right by them into my bedroom, put me, us down and continued to screw me. Trish followed with Alexa right behind. I couldn’t stop if I tried, I was too excited. Allan told me I was beautiful and sexy, he made me feel really special. We rolled over, now he was on his back. We both came together. He asked Trish to please get a towel so we can wipe off. He keep hugging me a kissing me. Trish came back with a washcloth and towel. Allan pulled off his rubber and said clean me up, to Trish! I didn’t want to stop her, I was proud of my boyfriends dick. She looked at me, and when I didn’t say anything she started to wipe him off. He just smiled. Alexa was shocked I think. Trish asked Alexa if she would help. Alexa took the towel and started to touch him. He asked me if he could make them feel as good as he made me feel? He said you’re my girl and this will be a one time deal, OK. I said alright. He pulled off Trishs’ shirt, she had the smallest boobs of the three of us. Allan said they’re very sexy. He turned to Alexa. She was still kind of shy, He enjoyed taking her cloths off, Trish finished undressing and we let him kiss and lick each of our boobs. Then he ate us. Finally he got a couple more rubbers and took care of Alexa first, then Trish and me again. He even talked Trish into eating Alexa while he ate me. We four never did it together again but I did have Alexa help he treat him to a three way a few times. Trish was embarressed about eating Alexa so she didn’t hang around with us much any more. I didn’t tell Allan but Alexa and I played around a few times alone, together.

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