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Dark Horse

Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: College
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to my first sexual experience. I was 21 and a senior in college. I was taught that sex before marriage was wrong. I still believe that and have not had sex since this first relationship.

It was spring quarter my senior in college. The weather had turned a bit warmer and the trees and flowers were blooming again. I had been out cruising around with a girlfriend of mine. We came upon a couple of guys leaning against a car talking when one of them waved us down. So my friend turned the car around and we went back to talk to them.

The one that waved us down went to talk to my friend so I flirted with the other guy, “Mark”. He had beautiful mahogany skin and a gorgeous, wide, white smile. I was smitten immediately. I gave him my number and we headed back to campus.

Mark called about a week later and we talked on the phone a lot. We met a few more times and talked in person getting to know each other. Then he asked me to come see him one Saturday night. I knew before I left campus that I wanted to be with this guy….and I was ready. Or so I thought.

We met at one of his friend’s house and watched a couple of movies with them. His friend’s headed to their bedroom leaving the two of us to fend for ourselves in the living room. He knew that I had never had sex. It took some convincing at first. I mean, how many 21 year old virgins are there? And to be honest, he hesitated about being my first and taking my virginity. Not sure if that was a head game or not, but he had me begging him that I was ready.

Either way, we left the TV on and started making out on the couch. He was very gentle and went very slow. My body was going nuts. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking. He assured me that I would be OK and to just relax.

He laid me back on the couch and kissed me tenderly. Watching my every reaction to his touch. He kissed down the side of my neck. Nibbling little by little as he went. That drove me crazy and I could feel myself getting wet. He lowered his body down over mine and raised my shirt up and over my head. I was taking very fast shallow breaths at this point. He laughed at one point telling me that it was cute how scared I was. I told him it wasn’t funny, but it did help me to relax even more.

He kissed the front of my neck and down my chest. Moving those soft black lips to my breasts. He grabbed my bra with his teeth and moved one of the cups out of the way. Then he started licking my nipple. All in one fluid motion. I was impressed. I pressed my head back and began to moan. My nipples were hard as rocks at his touch.

He reached down and unhooked the front of my bra and slowly spread my bra outward revealing my breasts. His dark hands against my milky white breasts turned me on.

Here I was a virgin and I chose a black man to be my first. What was I thinking?! But I didn’t know any different so it didn’t matter to me.

He cupped my breasts in his large hands, pressing them together. He leaned in again and licked and bit and tugged at my nipples. I was losing myself in the feeling of it all. But I was still petrified of what was to come.

Then he raised up and kissed my lips again. He looked me in the eyes and I knew I was his no matter what. He bit his bottom lip and then asked me if I was sure about this. I could only shake my head yes and whisper my answer. So he continued on.

He kissed down my chest with slow gentle kisses. Kissing lower to my stomach. I could feel my breathing getting faster wondering what exactly he was about to do. He leaned back a bit and unbuttoned my jeans. Then he slowly unzipped them tugging on them as I raised my hips. He removed my jeans and threw them aside. Then he stood up and undressed himself. All but his boxers. He extended his arm to me and I stood up from the couch.

There were blankets already on the floor from where his friends were when we had been watching movies. He led me over to them and we laid ourselves down. He was laying directly beside me. He kissed my neck and reminded me to breathe. His hand played lightly over my body and down to my panties. He put one finger underneath the waist band and ran his finger along it.

Then he ran his hand beneath my panties as my breathing got a whole lot faster. His hand was now running over my very wet vagina. His touch was exactly what I wanted. He ran his fingers over the wet slit. Up and down until they were wet too. He kissed my breasts at the same time.

Next thing I know, he has slid one finger inside of me. My stomach was going wild by now. Small waves of pleasure were coming over me. He took his finger out and then pulled my panties down and off of me. My hands began to shake as my mind was racing with what was to come.

I had already told him that I was not ready for oral yet. He remembered this and slowly inserted two fingers. He told me over and over how good I felt and how tight I was.

Next, with two fingers inside of me, he took his thumb and began to rub my clit. I threw my head back at this and subconsciously arched my hips. He knew I was ready at this point.

He pulled down his own boxers revealing his very large cock to me. I could only stare and almost cried. He kept reassuring me that it was ok and he would go slow. He asked me again if I was absolutely sure about this. I told him that I was sure but to please, please be careful.

He laid back down next to me and put his hand back on my wet lips. He ran his hand down my thigh and opened my legs. After putting on a condom, he positioned himself on top of me. He guided his large cock to my wet opening and gently placed the tip just inside my lips.

By now, I was really shaking. He put his strong hands under my head and cradled me. I put my nervous hands behind his upper arms. He looked me deep in my eyes and gently pushed himself slightly into me. He told me to relax. He told me to pull my legs back and it wouldn’t hurt as much…opening myself to him. He pushed a little more and I felt some resistance.

I knew there was no going back and he had come upon the thin tissue of my virginity. I knew if he went any deeper that it would break. He talked me through it the whole time. He knew where he was inside of me and asked if I was ready. I shook my head yes as he told me to take a deep breath. I did as he said and as I exhaled he plunged deep inside of me.

I cried out as I felt myself tear just a bit. I couldn’t help but cry just a little. I wanted this so badly and he was the perfect gentleman to take me there. He held himself against me and asked if I was OK. I could only nod yes. He pulled back out slowly and pushed himself inside of me again.

Oh my GOD he felt so good inside of me. He told me how tight I was and then looked at me knowingly. He never said a word but I said to him, “I told you so.” At that point he truly believed me. He rocked in and out of me so slowly. I don’t know how he controlled it. I had never felt anything that incredible before.

I held onto him as he rocked in and out of me. Over and over. Soon, he was ready to cum. His body tensed and he shook a bit as he thrusted and then he came. He grinded himself against me until he was spent. Holding me in his arms as I lost myself in him. As he came down from his orgasm, I felt him slip out of me. He took care of the condom and was soon back at my side. We covered ourselves in the blanket and spooned the rest of the night.

This was my first experience. Unfortunately, this relationship does not have such a happy ending. Just under two years later, I left in the middle of the night with our 4 month old son in order to be sure we would be safe. Things have worked out for the best and my nearly 13 year old son is beautiful, healthy, and happy. Thanks for letting me share this experience with you.

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