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Dare Fun

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Girl's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My cousin John was invited to his Girlfriend’s Birthday Party and since I was becoming close friends with her she invited me a long to last minute. We arvied a couple of minutes late John and Sherry kissed at the first site of each other I just said Hi and went over to the refreshment table womdering what the hell I was doing there a house full of 15 teens and I only knew two of them. I just grabbed a bottle of Surge the only non achoholic beverage there and sat down on the couch just to look around at the other guest. The first person to catch my eye was Katie a 17 year old Long curly red hair a really short mini skirt and matching black tank top but what really caught my eyes was her 38C breast. I did the best I could not to stare but the fact that she was obveously not wearing a bra was to much for me.
My stare was broken when John came up and slapped me on the back.
I took one look at him and could tell he was wasted the beer in his hand was a good clue also.
“Scoping out the chicks?” You should go ask Tamber to the dance.
Tamber yeah yeah the head cheerleader at the dance with me? He had one to many beers but her tight jeans made me dream.
“Come on don’t you want a piece of that ass?”
“Of course” Was my blunt reply.
Our conversation was brought to an end as Mike and his girlfriend Debbie joined our little group asking John for a cigerette. The fact that I didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs or anything didn’t help my comfort any either.
After introductions Mike wasted no time asking who I was planning on fucking by the end of the night.
“No one” I replyed obveously lying
“Bullshit, The tent in your pants are telling me other wise”
I had to have turned the deepest shade of red as Debbie giggled.
She then stood in front of me and unbuttoned her blouse giving me perfect view of her perfectly round breast with eraser tip brown nipples, John reached out but she pulled away hiding her tits from sight.
“Sorry man, she is just like dinosaur bones at a museum you can look in awe but you can’t touch.”
I hung around John, Sherry, Mike and Debbie for the rest of the night as the party died down a lot of people left to try to sober up before returning home to face their parents while others got tired of being in a drug free zone and went some place else to party. Time 3 in the morning came it was just John, Sherry, Mike Debbie myself and to my surprise Tamber and Katie was still talking over in the corner before coming up to our same gang and saying what we should living up this party a little bit
Sherry instinly said that they would have to go some place else to do drugs they just pushed her down
and told her to relax. Katie preposed a game of Truth or Dare. Us guys was atomaticly interested with anything that involves these four girls and and the word DARE. Debbie and Sherry took a little more convensing but gave in to the five of us.
Tamber asked me first I went with Truth being extremly nerveous and hard.
” Have you ever masturbated on a girl “
Simple question simple answer “No”
The other guys laughed. Debbie then asked Mike who being the dare devil of the gang picked dare.
She dared him to streak from Sherry’s house across the road and back.
He quickly threw off his three shirts, unbuckled his pants and to the cheering of the girls pulled his boxers over his erection and dropped them to the floor.
Debbie grabbed him by his cock and dragged him to the door with every one else cheering.
We all counted to three and he ran out the door and dashed across the street to his advantage he was on the track team and made it back and closed the door just as a car drove by. Everybody applaused
Sherry was asked the imfamous question next by John, she was very wild and excepted dare.
John dared Her to blow him right there in front of everybody. With a cuncenerened look on her face she dropped to her knees as he unzipped his fly and let out at least 7 inches. She started licking the tip and then all around the head and slowly down his shaft to his balls and took one sack into her mouth he let out a load moan as she put her lips around his entire shafted and started sucking away slowly inch by inch was dissapearing into her mouth I couldn’t beileve what I was seeing soon she had all of his cock into her throat! After five minutes he blew his load and she couldn’t catch it all as some ran down her chin.
Once again everybody cheered. Being the the momant and just getting head he said dare before Katie even asked him a question. Thinking carefully she went to the table and got a beer bottle and placed it in his hand.
” I dare you to take off your pants and shove this into your asshole”
All the guys went berserk complaning thats not what a guys hole is ment for.
The girls won the arguement and we got to see John’s ass full of a beer bottle need I say more?
It was my turn to ask Katie. She went with a dare and to everyones cheers I dared her to strip right before our eyes. She looked at me gave me a smile and let her long curly hair fall to her side as Shirley turned on some music. Katie began swinging her hair wildly she turned her back to us and slowly pulled her tanktop strap down but then pulled it back up teasing us bad she bent over and gave us a great look at her ass.
She slowly pulled down her panties and threw them into my face they was soak! she slowly rubbed her legs up and down and pulled down both her straps turned her back on us again and pulled off her tanktop she faced us but covered her breast with her hands she began messaging her breast and then she gave us a full frontal view of her great breast she slowly pulled down her skirt to expose her shaven pussy right inches away from everybody. She laid down and started fingering herself and then threw out the challange.
“Is anybody going to join me?”
In a heartbeat everybody was naked. Katie came up to me lookingme from head to toe and dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth I couldn’t hold my load any longer and shot it deep inside her throat. Next thing I know Tamber and Shirley was down there all of them licking my cock! and Mike was fucking Debbie over in the corner as John pounded Shirley’s twat doggystyle. Katie started licking Tamber’s pussy as I became hard again. I heard Mike shout “I’m cumming” just as John pulled out of Shirley still hard.
Tamber and Debbie looked at each other then at Shirley and nodded they walked up to Mike shovecd him down and licked him all over. Katie sat on his face as Shirley mounted him and began jumping up and down. John and I saw our chance and started sucking on Debbie’s tits a dream ccum true.
In a heart beat John was fucking Debbie as I climbed up on her stomach slid my dick between her breast pressed the mtogethet and tittie fucked her damn it felt good but I needed the right thing.
Katie started licking Debbie’s tits and licked my dick as it went back and forth between her breast.
Katie pulled me off Debbie and laid down I saw my goal a place Katie’s legs over my shoulders place my dick in her opening and pushed…..DAMN!!!!!!! It felt good I slid in and out of her slow at first and then faster and faster she screamed out my name as I shoved my Cock into her one last time before releasing my load deep into her pussy. We fucked until 8 that morning Katie and I are still going out right now.
And fuck every chance we get.

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