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Damn, she was good.

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: friend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Well this girl I’ve grown up with, Jade, has really filled out this year. I mean, she’s not the same girl I used to know, anymore. We’ve always been close, though no romantic feelings have ever come up. But now she’s an inch taller than me (5’7″) and she’s gone from that cute skinny girl kind of shape to taking on a more womanly figure. Jade has long, wavy red hair that I’ve always liked, gorgeous athletic legs, and a huge ass that only would look good on her. (So many guys have told me how they’d give anything to eat that stuff out.) Did I mention her giant tits? I never knew how big they were, but I’m pretty sure her bust was larger than any other chick at school — and that includes Mrs. Oglethorpe, who’s rack is freakin’ huge! (Jimmy said Mrs. Oglethorpe let him and Fred grab and ’em and stuff one time, but they’re full o’ shit.)
Back to Jade. I was over in her bedroom after school one day like I was a lot of times, and she reminded me of how my birthday was the next week. Casually looking out the window, she talked really loud about how she had found the best present for me that I would ever get. (Nobody was ever home before, like, 8:00 at night, so . . .) Well, it was left at that, but I couldn’t wait until my birthday, when I would turn 14. I rode the bus home with Jade, and when we entered her house, she giggled and gave me an innocent-enough kiss on the cheek. She beamed at me beautifully. When I asked kiddingly if that was my present, she made this silly face and said no. She skipped back to her room, yelling that I should wait for her to get out my present. She seemed occupied for quite a while, so I snuck back and peeked into the semi-closed door. Jade didn’t notice me, I think; I was in shock at what I saw! Jade was standing before her mirror, sort of bending over. She was looking down, trying to stretch a very-revealing bra to fit over her mounds, which were hanging down, swinging from her chest. Her meaty ass cheeks were visible to me, for the string of her panties had disappeared between them.
I was on her like a damn animal in heat! She spotted me right before I had my arms wrapped around her sides, and she had no time to react before I peeled that sports bra to just below her massive breasts. My hands occupied themselves right away, squeezing and kneading her tit flesh, while I playfully tongued her neck down and bit into it. She sucked air in her mouth briskly and uttered, “We like it rough, do we?” I responded by grinding my hardening crotch against her muscle-solid ass repeatedly. I heard an “Mmmmm” escaping her, and at that moment I threw her upon her bed, so that she slammed into her mattress on the side of her face. I took hold of the green string of her underwear and yanked it away from pussy and out of her ass. She stepped out of it and began to turn around to face me, but I gave the right side of her ass a hard smack and, with my other hand, pushed her back down on her front. Now, her breasts and face were flattened into her bed, but her humongous ass flexed itself in front of my face; her lower half stood straight up, supported by her powerful legs. I forced her to widen her stance and proceeded to bury my face all up into her rear. I mean I widened my grip on her ass cheeks and pried them apart, and then I went to town on that hot mound of hers. A muffled sound escaped her throat as I lapped at that pussy. Damn, it tasted good, and I soon cupped it with my lips and really got into eating her out. Every once in a while she would start to give out, usually following a muffled roar (I assume from her orgasming), and I would feverishly rub against the crack of her awesome ass while I ate her. Then her lower half would spring back up, and she’d get into pushing back against my head. Satisfied with eating her pussy, but not skipping a beat, I yanked my pants down and plunged my rock-hard penis into her ass. She didn’t know what was coming, and I heard the loudest yelp ever. I froze, not fucking her ass until she ceased with, “OH GOD! OH God! Oh God! Oh God.” Hearing silence and seeing her facedown and unmercifully gripping her bed cover, I drove forward. I did her ass over and over, as fast as I could manage, with her cheering me on, until after maybe a minute or two, when I pulled out and blasted my cum all over the sides of her ass. I rubbed my penis all over her back there, and then watched my cum run down her legs. She’d been suckin’ air, but now she lay there, as if she was deceased.
I wondered if she wanted more, so I grabbed her ass cheeks HARD, and mashed them together and played with it. She finally breathed a deep sigh and rolled over to look at me. With a renewed grin, she congratulated me for being the first to conquer her. I mentioned that it was my first time, too. Then her eyes lit up, and whispered, “But you haven’t fucked me where it counts, darling.” I smiled back at her, and before I knew it, she was using the cum paste on my penis as lotion to jerk me off. She had both hands pumping me, and when it was extra stiff, she instructed me to lean forward and insert my penis. She said to place her long legs and both sides of my head and really give it to her. She didn’t have to say it twice! I fucked that stuff for almost half and hour, her bed rocking, me pacing myself, her screaming in pleasure. Finally I exploded again. This time I placed myself between her enormous tits and made her shove those hefty boobs against each other so I could fuck her cleavage. She complied, and I let her jack me off with her tits until I shot my white cum against the underside of her chin and her neck. She loved it.
She couldn’t move after I dismounted her, though. Said I wore her out, and she didn’t even know if she’d be able to walk anywhere for the rest of the day. I thanked her for the best birthday present ever and left. Before I closed the door, she growled, “You’re an animal I should start getting to fuck the HELL out of me more often!”

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