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Where it happened: her room
Langauge: English
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

It days ago, I was at her house doing homework,we
were going out for about a week now, her mom trusted us and she left for a couple of hours, after she left we were making out heavily and then we went to her room (she looked really hot with tight cloths on)she had a cumfy bed. I asked her if she was ready, she nodded,Yes, she looked at my penis erect you could tell she was afarid, I would hurt her, but I told her I wouldn’t hurt her so I slid my cock into her slowly and then faster and faster until I couldn’t hoild it in any longer, I let go my load into her we lyed there for about 10 mins and we gor dressed right on time cause her mom pulled in the drive way by the time we got dressed and went down stairs, that night I didn’t sleep
I kept on craving for that feeling.

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