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Cut Friend

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Larry was my closest friend all through school. In the 30’s, few boys were circumcised. Even before we reached puberty, Larry loved to show off his long, thin “skinless” penis. It was “different.” Not that he was an exhibitionist, but he did have a gorgeous body. As we grew older, he liked being the leader, and of course, I ended up as the follower. In third grade, he bribed me to suck him, for a variety of “favors” whenever he got an erection. This grew from once or twice a week, into a continual thing, until we got into sixth grade. He loved “throbbing” in my mouth
(dry orgasm) four or five times in a row, before he’d go soft. He and his family moved out of town for two years, and I was shocked when I saw how much he had grown. I was still chunky and short, but he was now towering over the rest of the kids in our class. He had always kept his penis and balls “up front” in his briefs, but now it was virtually impossible for him to hide the bulge in his pants. Going over to his house, he was silent as he upzipped his jeans and lowered briefs. When he turned around, I was awe-struck at his monstrous, long, thick, up-curved, skinless penis. It was over 9-inches long and 2.5-inches wide. His balls hung down heavily. It took a couple seconds for me to realize what it was. It was almost too much. He quietly wrapped his hand around the shaft and began moving it back and forth. Within a couple minutes, it began oozing clear juice from the tiny hole at the tip. Soon it was flowing out of him. I had seen a other boys squirt jism but it was nothing at all what I was looking at now. As Larry worked his hand back and forth on his stiff rod, I noticed his broad head thicken. Strands of pre-cum were puddling on the floor between his feet, when he suddenly stopped moving.
Silently, he aimed his penis down, at the back wall of his carpetless bedroom. I huddled closer. Then he grimaced in purest ecstacy, as his throbbing penis began squirtting his jism across his 20-foot bedroom. Not once or twice, but 8 shots erupted from his balls, blasting the mirror completely.
Six more shots fell to the floor, each closer, as he held it.
I was speechless, and dumbfounded, until he shook off the spidery stream that was dangling from him, and turned to me. Still completely hard and erect, he edged closer and nodded for me to sit on the edge of his bed, as he stepped closer. With his creamy effusion still dribbling, he pressed his thick hardness to me. Hesitent, at first, I opened for his invasion, knowing that I had to open wider than ever before. Suddenly I realized that I had never “come” in anyones mouth, and no-one had ever “come” in mine. Jism was something to squirt like piss, or to make babies.
Larry moaned softly, as he eased his bulged head to the back of my mouth. I remembered that he loved having me “flick” the underside of his penis. Never thinking that he’d come in me, I relaxed, getting used to the stretching. Then, all of a sudden, he wrapped his hand around his thick rod and with the other, around the back of my neck. A few moans later and I felt his moist drool flooding my mouth. I attempted to pull away, but he had me locked on him until he had completed what he had in mind for me. Still, I refused to think that he would actually squirt jism in me. Fearfully, I awoke to the drenching that could expect if he did “come” in me. Again, I pulled back, but just then, I felt his thick rod growing even larger in my mouth and knew unmistakably, that I was in for it, now matter how I struggled Then, within seconds, he let out a yelp of joy as I felt his manhood throb, nearly lifting me off my seat, as he blasted a stinging squirt of jism against the back of my mouth. Over and over again, he shot his torrents into me, each stabbing my throat. I was being flooded with his mighty shots and once again tried to spit him out of me. Again, I realized that I was going to have to swallow his “jism.” I put it off as long as I could, but finally had to give in to the involutary urges to gulp his sperm down … still fearing that I’d probably die from his overwhelming deluge. Still struggling, he announced, “It’s OK! Go ahead! Swallow it! Nothing going to happen! Lots of boys have been swallowing my jism!”
Somehow, I didn’t want to believe him, but I swallowed it anyway. He convinced me that I wasn’t going to get sick or die. He came in my mouth four more times before we were interrupted by his parents arrival.
Until 10th grade he could always count on me to be his personal sperm depository but was always at the cost of his producing a number of expensive favors. At his suggestion, I was circumcised and have always been very pleased about my decision. With all the “anti-circumcision” gospels being produced, I think God had it right in the Old Testament.

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