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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: bedroom floor
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

my boyfriend and i had been into all that glitter for a month. i had been curious about the whole thought of sex since he was consantly horney. and he and his friends would talk about what they plan to do. i thought it’d be kinda nice to give him what he wants and i gain a bit of experience myself…
we spent about an hour or two after school in his basement, ’cause his parents didn’t come home until like 6 and i didn’t have to go home till 4:30.the first time i touched him, i was very unsure and sorta frighten. he was so hard and big. but that experience never left my mind. while i just caressed him, he busied himself rubbing between my legs and grabing my buttocks. i was straddled atop of him, while he was sitting on a couch and occasionally i’d bring myself down and grind against him. still, we never left our clothes.
we eventually started skipping some of the last period classes. and that gave us more time to do things. we spend the 3-4 hours on his bed, petting, frenching, sucking and talking. he really liked it when i gave him head, although i didn’t really know what to do and didn’t get him to cum till a bit later. i never got enough of him eating me out and fingering me. i nearly came instantly, the pleasures were just too much.
it was a dull day and we both were hornier than ever. i was like a bitch in heat and he knew i wanted him then and there. since his bed was just a twin size, we decided that the floor was nice and roomy. _
both of us discarded our clothes in a hurry and we could only gaze in awe at each other’s body. his shoulders were broad and strong, his body well toned and his member was fuller than ever. although my breasts weren’t the largest in the school, they were nicely shaped and my nipples were erected into little hard buds and aching to be fondled.
he reached for my boob and touching it softly and rolling the nipple between his fingers. it made me gasp aload and i felt the slipperly juices flow between my legs. i stoke his hard-on and started jacking him off while he slips his fingers in my cunt.
i lie back and pulling him with me. i open my legs willingly and softly whisper “fuck me, and fuck me now.” he too felt that he just may give out. he slowly pushes his swollen flesh into me and i felt my body sretch for his length. a sharp pain erupted inside me but was replaced quickly by pleasure.
he rocked against me slowly and i began to catch the rythem. within minutes he thrusts in and out like mad. pounding me till he explodes his seed in my womb. i didn’t want him to pull out after so many rushes of spasm. so he remained within me and laid down beside me.
that was my story, hope u liked it…

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