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Cousin Bill, The Computer Expert

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Computer chair
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I’m a senior in high school here in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and do a lot of research for my school classes on my computer.

About a week ago I began experiencing some problems with my computer, which I couldn’t figure out, so I called my cousin, Bill. Bill is only 16, but he’s a whiz at figuring out computers. He came over, and in less than a half hour, he had figured out what was wrong and fixed it for me.

To make sure everything was working O.K., we tested out several websites, and they all seemed to be working well.

Now I had always kind of secretly liked Bill, even though he was 2 years younger than I was, and so, teasingly I asked him if he had ever visited MYFIRSTTIME. He said that he had not, and so I had him google it in, and before very long, he was reading several of the stories on this site. I could tell that he was really getting turned on by them, as was I.I saw this erection beneath his jeans, and I asked him if he had ever had sex with a girl before. He told me that he had not, and I then asked him whether he’d like to try it sometime with me. Blushingly he said that he’d like to try it sometime, but was not sure that he and I should be doing it. I asked him why not, and he really could not come up with a real good answer.

I then started fooling around with the zipper on his jeans, pulling it down slowly, and soon he was bringing them down on the floor, sitting in the computer chair with just these tiny jockey shorts on. I pulled the waistband down and there was this beautiful boner, that I began to caress. Bill didn’t protest at all, and told me how great it felt to have my fingers around his manhood. I noticed a little moisture coming out from the tip, and then a little spurt of his love juice came out.

I told him to wait until I got undressed, which I quickly did, and I then went over and lowered my shaved vagina directly onto his rigid boner, and before very long, I was riding Bill like a young pony. He was only 16, but God, did he feel good inside me. He had a very nice sized penis which fit into me very snugly

About a half dozen times before I had let a classmate of mine in high school fuck me, but Bill was so much better, even though it was his first tme. I kept riding him and whispering into his ear: “Bill,fuck me, keep it in me. You are doing great! Just great! You feel so damn good!” And he pushed harder and harder, meeting my every thrust. He came inside me with several bursts of his love juice, and we embraced each other closely there in the chair. He felt so wonderful against my bare breasts — and when I asked him to kiss them, he did with such an eagerness, flicking his tongue around my erect nipples! I was in 7th heaven!

It only last maybe a half hour or so, but I had never been fulfilled like that before. At 16 years of age he seemed to have perfected the art of fucking even though he had never done it before. At least that’s what he told me.

We got dressed and Bill thanked me for what he called “this wonderful experience.” And then he went home. I hope I have trouble with my computer again soon. And thank you, MYFIRSTTIME, for giving us these wonderful stimulating stories. Sex is great!

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