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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: His place
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was 17 and still a virgin when I went to the mall with some of my friends. After shopping we went to a restaurant in the mall. There were no booths available, so we wound up sitting at the bar. On my right, there was a friend of my father’s who struck up a conversation with me. His name was Steve, and he was really friendly. He had a wonderful sense of humor, and he talked to me like I was an adult and not just another teenager.
When my friends were ready to leave, he told me I could stay there with him if I wanted and he could drive me home. I thought he was sexy, so I agreed. He was graying on top and kind of pudgy around the middle, but even then personality meant more to me than looks. I had never thought about him in this wayb before but he was so wonderful to talk to I was starting to hope that a ride home would not be all he would offer me.
My friends thought it was funny, but since Steve was a family friend, they knew it was OK. His hand brushed against my leg several times during our conversation after my friends had left, so I smiled and asked him if he was ready to leave.
In the car, I let my skirt ride high on my thighs, hoping to excite him. He asked if I had to go straight home, and I told him no. “Would you like to come to my place?” My pussy was starting to get wet, so I told him that I would love to.
When we got there, I didn’t waste any time. I was afraid he would get scared since he was so much older than me (he was 61), so I kissed him almost immediately. He started rubbing my back as we kissed, and soon his hands has slid beneath my blouse and were removing my bra. After my shirt and bra were off, I knelt down in front of him, shaking because I was so nervous. I removed his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them down. This was the first cock I had ever seen, except in magazines, so I took a moment to gaze at it and take in the smell. It was beautiful hanging there beneath his huge stomach. I only licked at at first, but his moans encouraged me, and soon I had it in my mouth. His hands grasped the sides of my head as he thrust back and forth into my mouth and soon I was rewarded by a blast of come that spurted against the back of my throat and almost gagged me. It flooded my mouth, and I really had no choice but to swallow to keep from choking.
He pulled me to my feet and kissed me some more, pulling down my pants as our tongues intertwined. He shoved me onto the couch, and this time he was the one on his knees. He parted my pussy lips with his fingers and flicked the tip of his tongue against my clit. I was so turned on, I could hardly keep from screaming. Soon his tongue was slurping up my juices, and it felt like he was trying to bury it deep inside me. After only a few minutes I started the first orgasm a man had ever given me. I didn’t have time to warn him, but I am one of those girls that really gush when they come. Sometimes it shoots out two or three feet. He didn’t seem to mind, and I heard him swallowing as my orgasm subsided. When he kissed me again, his face was dripping wet, and I licked him dry.
I begged him to fuck me, so there he was between my legs, spread as far as they could go. He lowered himself so that his cock could enter me, and I could feel his gut pressing against my stomach. It hurt at first, but I wanted it so bad I didn’t let on. Soon he was buried in me to the hilt, and my pussy stretched to accomodate him. At first the weight of him on top of me (remember I said he was pudgy) bothered me at first, but soon the cock inside me felt better and better and I forgot about it. He rammed me for about twenty minutes. He was so sweaty at the end I couldn’t even hold onto him. Just as I was about to come again, his body stiffened and he filled me with his hot sweet come.
We fucked a couple more times over the next several hours, and I loved every second of it. I loved him and wanted him forever.
My first time is even more special, because that first time we made love, I got pregnant. My parents were really upset, but Steve did the right thing and married me. Today I am 30 and he is 72. We have a total of four children. I love him more than life. Some people ask me if his age bothers me, but it really doesn’t. He makes me feel special, and we still have a wonderful sex life. He has made me the happiest woman on earth.

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