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Come over and make me cum

Where it happened: Her house
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was sitting at home bored as hell. I got a call from my friend Katie. She wasn’t shy at all. The first words out of her mouth were, “Hey, you wanna come over and fuck?”. And my obvious awnser was, yes. I rode my bike to her house, and she was waiting at the front door. She was wearing her silk red panties, and her black lace bra. She took my hand and led me upstairs. I layed her on her bed and kissed her right between her breasts. I kissed her all the way down her body, and licked her thigh and stuck my tounge in her panties, and I pulled them off with my teeth. She took off her bra, and stripped me naked. I layed there on her bed and she started giving me head until we heard the doorbell. It was her friend Melany and we got dressed and then we all watched a movie. I was almost convinced it was a porno, cause there were so many sex scenes. Katie was sitting on my lap, and she felt my erection poking at her. What got me even more aroused was that i saw Melany had her hand down her pants feeling her clit while we were watching the movie. Half way through the movie, Melany had to leave. Me and Katie still sat there watching it. I had a rock hard boner right then. I told Katie to move over, and I unzipped my pants. Right then she pulled her pants and panties down, and sat her pussy right on top of my dick. She slowly slid onto me, and she squealed a little. She was slowly moving up and down and she moaned with every thrust. We decided then to make our way back to her room. I had her lay on the bed, and she spread her legs. I then pushed in as slowly and hard as I could. I am a little shorter than she is, and she is tall, so my face were right on her tits. She wrapped her legs around me and locked them like that. I slowly rocked back and forth, and she started to moan with pleasure and it made me squirt about 4 streaming shots of pre-cum into her pussy. This went on for about another 30 minutes, when I heard her cry, scream, and moan all at once, as I shot the biggest wad of my life right into her pussy. After that we layed naked with each other in bed for a while, and she told me her mom was gonna be gone until the next day, and she wanted me to stay and have fun with her. She took a shower about 10 minutes later, and I sat there on her bed, masturbating with her panties. She came out with a dildo in her pussy, and she was fondling her tits. She told me to close my eyes, and when I opened them, she was on her hands and knees, begging for anal sex. I had never done this before, and i was worried it would be messy, so I put on a condom. I tried to stick it in at first, but it was very hard to, so i went in the bathroom, and lubed up my dick with KY jelly, and I spread her ass cheeks, and I pushed it in. I couldn’t believe how quicly I cummed. We watched tv and ate popcorn that I had put my love butter on, and we cuddled until about 11:00 at night, and the whole time, my hands where up her shirt, feeling her erect nipples.:00 she got naked and said I could do whatever I wanted to her. So I decided I would tit fuck her. I stuck my dick between those huge tits, and I held them shut as I thrusted back and forth. After about 15 minutes of that, I blew my load, not on her tits, but it shot right on her face. She licked it up and said I was being a bad boy. She said it was time to tease me. So she started masturbating in front of me which got me so rock hard, I started stroking my cock, and she then said she had to tell me something. She said she had never gave a hand job before, and she wanted to. So for the next hour we watched each other masturbate, and right before I orgasmed, I had her take over. She must have lied, because she gave me the best hand job of my life right there. After that we had 69 a few times, and cuddled until morning, and we have done the same thing about 6 other times whenever her mom go’s on an overnight.

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