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college teacher

Where it happened: hotel room
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Category: Straight

This happeneds ago. It all started when I was about to
to grauate from college. One of my professors who I’ve liked,
but nevered really talked to. One day in class he asked me to stay
after class. I was shock and happy because this guy was hot.
when everyone left we started to talk. he told me that my
paper was excellent and i should try more to improve my work.
After since then i started to stay after class more often. we
started this friendship. One day after class I saw him playing with his dick.
of course it turned me on. Then I started rubbing my pussy so he can see.
He came and ripped off my shirt and bra and started sucking on my tits.
Then I told him we can’s have sex here. I told him to meet me tonight at a hotel
near by. He was excited and tole me yes. That day I went to buy lingerie
to turn him on. That night at the hotel, i was laying on the bed when he walked in.
He imeidately came and ripped off my clothes and his clothes.
Then he started licking me from my tits down to my wet pussy.
Then he put his dick in my pussy. I started moaning wanting more.
I kept screaming harder, you are so good. Then I rolled around and was on top. I started
riding him faster and faster. He started moaning and was squeezingmy tits and kept telling me oh you
satify me more then my wife. I didn’t care if he had a wife. This was just sex and
I was satify with him in bed. after that night we continued to have sex and he left his wife for me.

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