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College Girl

Where it happened: College Dorm
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My first time was during my freshman year of college. I was sitting on my bed studying, as usual. I was trying to avoid looking around the room at the mess my roommate had left behind. The registars put us in the same room because we both had the same major (Animal Psychology/Veterinary Medicine), but we were NOTHING alike. Once she realized that college required studying, she stopped going to class and started going to more parties (if that was humanly possible). About mid semester, they threatened to kick her out, so she left to live with one of her boyfriends a couple days before this story. I was glad – I was NOT the partying type (I was quite a prude), and I only liked to study and get good grades.
There was a knock on the door that interupted my thoughts. I had to move the piles of notes and books strewn all over my bed to get up and answer it. I figured it was just another lost party-goer, and I prepared to send them down the hall.
The boy at the door was rather clean cut, wearing a nice polo shirt and dockers (instead of the t-shirts and jeans I usually saw). And he was very good looking – tall with piercing dark brown eyes. He asked if my roomate was there, and I explained the move-out story. Looking relieved, he replied “Ahhh, we were assigned to do a group project together, but she really didn’t seem very interested.” He jokingly added “… I don’t suppose you know anything about Organic Chemistry?” Staring at his soft red lips, I told him “Sorry – the closest I come is Freshman Physics, and I am struggling with that!”. “Yeah, I had to take that last year, and I was struggling too, until my roommate gave me same strategies – I can teach them to you” he replied, reaching for the book I layed on the couch. He commented that the partying outside was very loud, so we turned on some music and settled in on the small love seat my roommate had “borrowed” from the study room.
I learned that he grew up on a farm, which explained the big muscles rippling up his arms. He made a game out of the process and I picked it up in no time. We took a look at the clock after laughing and talking for hours, and it was way past 2:00am – the curfew for NO boys in the girls dorm. He was obviously nervous about sneaking out, so I said “You are free to stay here until morning. I’d offer you my roomates empty bed, but they took that out yesterday for a new student”. He replied “That’s ok, I can sleep on the floor”. I said “It’s your choice, but I’m fine with sharing my single bed – I trust you and it gets pretty cold in here overnight”.
So we huddled spooned into my bed, me in my tshirt and jog pants, him in boxing shorts and a borrowed t-shirt. It felt so good having him hold me that I turned to face him. Mostly asleep he gently kissed me and mumbled “goodnight”. It felt so soft and warm, I returned the favor. He slowly opened his deep eyes and looked at my face. I softly kissed him again, but this kiss didn’t end and soon we were making out. We teased each other’s lips with our tounges, going deeper and deeper into your mouths. I couldn’t believe the things I was thinking – I was aching for him to touch my breasts. I took my shirt off, and he looked facinated at my chest. He seemed unsure of what to do, I so placed his hand on my nipple and shuddered and the bolt of electricity that went through my body. Soon he was sucking on my breasts and my neck, his hand firmly holding my bottom. I massaged the front of his shorts, feeling the long, hard pole that pointed up to his belly button. I took off his shorts (with alittle help), and went down to their level. His penis had a large mushroom shaped head, and the skin felt very tender against my face. I slowly circled the head and shaft with my tongue, glancing periodically at his strained expression and dark brown eyes watching me. Between that, his uncontrolled pelvis motions, and him grabbing my breasts, my underwear was getting soaked and I was afraid it would leak through my pants – but I couldn’t stop because it felt SO good.
He came rather quickly and very hard in my mouth. I was always disguested by this prospect before, but it felt so natural doing it and it didn’t taste bad so I swallowed it and kept his penis there until it stopped pulsating.
With a very contented and relieved look on his face, he pulled me up and kissed me deep, still rubbing my chest. His hand wandered down under my underwear, and brushed past my clit, sending waves of pressure through my body. Sensing this, he lowered his body down the bed and removed my pants. Knowing I was watching him, he took off my under wear with his teeth. I was so hot, I wanted to feel him against my clit so badly that I almost moaned – I couldn’t stand it! He softly flicked his tongue against my clit, forcing me to lift my body over and over to get closer. He ran his tongue up and down my pussy, entering me slightly. I knew I was getting close to coming as I sat up and grabbed his shoulders.
He teased me with his lips on and off a few more times, and then climbed on me, kneeling. He hesitated, thinking. Finally he said, “Um, I have never done anything like this before. Is this OK? Do you want to go any further?” I replied ” I could say something nice like I haven’t either but I’d like to, but really what I’m thinking is FUCK ME!”. I let him know that I was on the pill, and that I trusted him when he said he hadn’t fooled around before. He smiled, climbed between my legs and pushed his whole penis deep inside of me. His body pumping against my clit excited me much more than his penis hitting inside of me, but it all felt tingly. I came hard once, shuddering with my head thrown back and my pelvis raised as high and hard against him as it could be. He felt me come, and it propelled him to pump very hard and fast. Unbelievably, I got excited again and just as I had another softer orgasm, he came inside of me. It didn’t feel warm like most people say, and it didn’t hurt, but there was some blood and soreness afterward. And it was really messy and sticky.
We became best friends, lovers, and practically roommates after that. We even got adverturous and did it on couches in lounges of classroom buildings! We are engaged now, and I am looking forward to graduating in Spring.

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