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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Living Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I met this girl Pat, 16, at a friend’s party. She was flirty with me,and telling me that we should play a game called sardines in which everyone strips and runs around naked. Of course, nothing happened, but I was turned on by Pat. A few days later, four of us were playing strip poker at Pat’s home. I rigged the cards, and Pat, who was big chested, had to take her bra off. We didn’t go any further, much to the disappointment of my friend Steve who had hidden under the dining room table thinking he would get a great show from Pat. She called me at home a week later asking me to buy rubbers for her girl friend. Pat kept sending out signals that she knew a lot about sex. I was a bit backward, however, and didn’t know how to make the right moves. Pat was always wearing jeans, so one day I complained that I had never seen her in a dress. I had visions of making out and feeling Pat up under her skirt. So Pat showed up one night wearing a pink-and-white checkered dress. I took her for a walk, and we ended up in a walled alley between two apartment complexes. We started kissing, and I reached under Pat’s dress and began rubbing her panty-covered ass. She didn’t object, so I started to finger her pussy. I fumbled around quite a bit trying to find the right spot,and Pat remained dry, so I gave up. On the way home, she asked: “Do you think I’m a tramp?” I said: “No. You’re just very sexy, very pretty, and I got worked up. If I offended you, I apologize.” She smiled, kissed me on the neck and asked me to stop by her house in the morning. When I arrived about 8 a.m., she answered the door wearing only black panties, a bra and a white negligee. She shooed her 14-year-old brother out of the house and pulled me to the couch. We started making out, and I eventually took her bra off and began kissing her tits. I slid down to the floor and pulled her panty to one side and tongued her pussy. We got into the 69 position, and I was so turned on that I creamed in about five seconds, shooting cum all over the rug. I was embarrassed by my quick draw, but Pat said she had fun. So did I, even though we didn’t do the official deed.

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