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Cleaning House

Where it happened: My room
Langauge: English
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was the summer between my junior and senior years in high school. I was on a swim team and practiced twice a day through the summer, a 7am and 4pm. Between practices I just hung out at home, lying around the our pool and sometimes soaking in my parents’ jacuzzi.

Both my parents worked so I was usually alone, except for Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings when my folks had two women come clean the house, Tracy and Lisa. They were both 24 or 25. They were both kinda of rednecky, but Tracy was the cute one. She had a great figure and always wore short-short cutoffs and a loose T-shirt. She had perky, round tits and never wore a bra. I was always catching a glimpse of her titties as she bent over while cleaning. She had a tattoo on one of them I think she liked showing off. But to be honest, for the first part of the summer, I never paid much attention to either of them. I would just do my own thing while they cleaned the house.

One morning, I came in from the pool wearing just my Speedos and got a snack from the kitchen. Tracy and Lisa were in the family room. I opened the door to go back out to the pool, but remembered my drink on the counter, closed the door and turn around to get the glass. I guess Tracy thought I had gone outside, because I heard her say to Lisa, “Goddam, if he shakes that tight little ass in front of me again, I’m going to bite it.” “Oh right,” Lisa told her, “Do you want to go to jail or just get us fired?”

The idea that Tracy had the hots for me really got me started. It was a unique experience to think of a woman wanting me. I started flirting with Tracy on cleaning days and she returned the favor. I would make a point to get at an angle where I could see down her shirt as she was cleaning. She would always strike up a conversation with me while standing above me on the steps, with one foot two steps up, giving me a clear view of her crotch and panties. I would jack-off with the image of her pussy in my mind.

Tracy usually cleaned the upstairs of the house and Lisa the downstairs. I would hang out in my room while Tracy cleaned my bathroom. Sitting on my bed,I had a clear view of her ass and dangling tits when she leaned over to wash out the tub. “Nice view,” I finally said to her. Keeping her ass stuck up in the air, she looked over her shoulder and told me, “If you see something you like, kiss it.” and went back to rinsing the tub. I don’t know if she expected me to do anything or if she was just flirting, but it was more of an invitation than I could reisist. I got up and went over to the tub and kissed her on the ass. I gave her a long, wet kiss on the left cheek, right at the hem of her shorts, finishing by licking the inside of her thigh.

Tracy stood up and turned around. I took a couple steps back as she stepped toward me. “Do you think you’re man enough to handle me?” she asked? “I don’t know any three guys that are man enough for you,” I replied. “But I’ll die trying.”

Tracy grinned. I had apparently pushed the right button. She kept walking toward me, glancing at my crotch. “Well lets see what you’ve got in that snake bag,” she said. She grabbed the top of my Speedos and pulled them open. We both looked down at my dick. You guys will understand when I explain that my dick was just beginning to swell. It wasn’t hard yet, but just beginning to grow. It looked really big. “Well it’s certainly big enough. Do you know what to do with it?” she asked. “Don’t know. Do you know what to do with it?” I asked.

We both laughed and she yanked my Speedos down over my ass. I reached down and unbuttoned her cutoffs, and slide my hands down the back, cupping the cheeks of her ass, discovering that she was wearing thong panties. Her shorts dropped to the floor as I pulled her against me. Crossing her arms and grabbing the hem of her T-shirt, she pulled the shirt off in one motion. I remember her tits were round and frim, all goose-bumpy with tight, dark nipples. She had a nice tan, but without a tanline anywhere. She had to stand on her tip-toes to kiss me and we started slapping our tounges together. She pushed my Speedos down to my knees where I kicked them off. My dick, now stiff and straight up, brushed pressed her stomach. The only thing between the two of us was her thong.

I lifted her up by by her ass and she jumped up and wrapped her legs around me. She still had her tounge stuck down my throat as I carried her to my bed and laid on top of her. We humpped together for a while, me rubbing my dick hard against her. I sucked her nipples for a while, then nibbled my way further down. When I got to her panties, I pulled them down part of the way with my teeth, but she grabbed them and ripped them off herself. I had to get off her and stand up so she could get them off. She settled her ass back down on the bed with her knees up and spread. It was the first time I had seen a real, live pussy up close.

I grabbed the cheeks of her ass with both hands so that my thumbs were along side her pussy. I used my thumbs to push the fleshy mounds of her pussy together and squeeze her clit between them. (I read about this trick in Penthouse). Tracy seemed to like it as she softly moaned and rocked her hips up and down. I kept at this for awhile, kneading her clit between my thumbs. Eventually I used my thumbs to spread her pussy open. I gave her a long slow lick, starting at the bottom of her hole and licking all the way past her clit. Tracy gave a loud moan. I licked and nibbled her clit, pushing on it hard with my tounge. It only took a minute before Tracy grabbed the back of my head, pushing me hard against her clit and came with a deep groan.

I licked her for another minute or so, finally coming to a slow stop as she caught her breath. I leaned forward on top of her, my dick laying on top of her bush, not really knowing what to do next. I thought things would go a little slower, but Tracy reached down and nuzzled the tip of my dick into the hot, wet folds of her pussy. I pushed one time and my dick slipped all the way into her in one stroke. I couldn’t believe what that felt like! I held it there for a few s and pulled it all the way out. My dick kinda sprang forward and out of her. Tracy sort of jumped and whispered, “No, no, don’t take it all the way out.” She guided me back toward her hole and I pushed back deep into her. I slowly withdrew, being careful not to come all the way out this time. I paused for a before diving back into her. I couldn’t believe the feeling of my dick sliding deep into her and kept repeating the motion. Unfortunately, this being my first time, I started to come soon. I pushed my dick deep into her pussy and let the cum roll into her.

My dick was hyper sensitive, so all I could do was lie there, trying to keep still. After a minute, Tracy said, “You okay?” I just nodded. She pulled her hips away and I quickly finished pulling my slimey dick out. It a was really strange, and kinda uncomfortable feeling pulling out of her — almost painful. I just stayed there leaning over her, but Tracy grabbed her knees and pulled them up to her chest, rolling her butt up into the air. “Can you get me a towel?” I stood up and looked back at her pussy. It was an amazing sight that I will never forget. Her pussy hair all wet and matted. The lips of her pussy were red and swollen with a wad of white cum slowly oozing toward her asshole.

I tossed her a towel and she cleaned herself. I was suprised how quickly she got up and had her clothes on. She picked up my hair brush from the bathroom counter and brushed her hair. I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my wet dick still red, swollen and hard. She gathered the cleaning stuff from the bathroom and gave a deep kiss, pushing her tounge into my mouth. “You were great, lover. We’ll have to try that again.” I couldn’t believe it, but she went back down stairs and finished cleaning with Lisa.

Tracy and I fucked almost every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the rest of the summer. A couple times she would come over on her off days and we would spend all day fucking all over the house, in the pool or in hot tub. I had a lot of “firsts” with her and she taught me a lot about how to please a woman. She was a great lover, giving be unbelievable blow jobs when she was on her period. She even let me butt-fuck her once, although she said she didn’t like it and that it hurt. In return, she love me to eat her our, a favor I was happy to oblige.

After school started in the fall, we didn’t have a chance to get together, and soon after they quit cleaning our house. That was the last I ever saw of her.

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