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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: in the back yard
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My best friend Liz and I were in a tent in her back yard, sleeping out. It was after midnight, and we were talking about boys, and how we would like to do it with one. Liz and I were both still virgins. We were both feeling horny, and one thing led to another. Pretty soon we were both naked, laying on top of the sleeping bags, touching each other. We had smoked some pot, and we were both pretty high. It felt so good. She kissed my nipples, and I licked her pussy.

I had just commented that I wished there was a guy here, and she had agreed, when the tent door opened and her older brother stuck his head in. He asked if we really wanted a guy there with us. He was really cute, and I said yes. In he came, and laid between us. He had come out to check on us, and had heard us talking and moaning. He had gotten naked before he got in. He said he was cold, so could we snuggle up to him. I wasn’t sure what was going through Liz’s head having her brother naked between us. I asked her is this ok? She said yes, but not what she had expected.

We laid there for a few minutes warming each other up with our hands. Bill’s hand’s were all over us, into our most intimate places. Liz was moaning again. I kissed Bill deep. His tongue went deep into my mouth. My nipples were sooo hard. Liz scooted down to his cock, and started sucking and licking. It turned me on so much. He was caressing my breasts as we kissed. Then his hand moved to my pussy, and he slid a finger up into me. Wow!!! I immediately gushed, and my toes curled. I almost bit his tongue.

Liz straddled his cock and was sliding the tip along her pussy slit. All she could say was Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Then she slid it to her pussy mouth and pushed down. It went right in about half way. Her head was flailing around, and she said it was so good. Bill wasn’t paying as good of attention to me as before. He was in ecstacy. She finally screwed herself down onto his cock, and was bumping up and down on his pelvis.

I slid up and straddled his face, facing Liz. Bill was eating me as Liz and I kissed. His tongue would go way up into me and I was cumming. I could see his cock sliding up into his sister’s twat, disappearing, and then sliding back out until only the tip remained. Pretty Quick Liz started jerking, saying she was cumming, as Bill said he was cumming too. After about a minute they both collapsed.

Liz rolled over on her back, and I crawled over to Bill’s cock. It was softer, but not gone. There was cum coming out of the tip. I licked it. It was good. Icontinued licking and sucking it, and pretty soon he was hard again. I crawled up onto him, but he wanted to roll over. So we did. I spread my legs as he guided the tip into me. When the tip went in I heard an audible Pop! It surprized me. I wrapped my legs around his back, and he slid his cock into me.

Neither Liz or I had any pain the first time. I guess it was because we both used tampons.

Once he was in, he started sliding into me faster and faster. I was cumming the whole time. He lasted about ten minutes, and filled me with his cum. That was the first I had thought that we were doing this unprotected. He lay on me and caressed me. I felt so good even though I was now worried. The three of us fucked several more times that night. I figured that if I was going to get pregnant, the damage was already done.

Sure enough, both Liz and I got pregnant our first time. We went to get abortions together. We couldn’t have those babies. Bill paid for everything. He was really nice about it.

We slept in Liz’s back yard several times after that with the same result every time (only protected). I have moved to another state. I often wonder if Liz and Bill are doing it. Last I heard, neither of them were married. This summer, I am going there on vacation, and plan to ask Liz if I can sleep over.

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