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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My boyfriend Bruce and I had been dating for about two years. We had made out a lot but had not gone all the way. I would never let him put his penis close to me unless I had jeans on and knew I was safe. Then I would let him push agaist me to get our thrills. One afternoon Bruce drove me home after school. When we got there my mother had left a note that she had gone shopping with her friend and would be home around 6. We went to my room, turned my TV on and started kissing. We were on my bed and before long we were into a full blown make out session. I had worn a sundress that day and Bruce had taken advantage of that and was up my dress playing with my pussy. I was very horny so I got him out and started playing with his penis. He finally tried to get between my legs , but as always I wouldn’t let him. He was still playing with both my tits and my pussy when I had the most wonderfull feeeling I had ever had doing it. I reacted by letting out with a big moan and at the same time Bruce moved between my legs. I was almost defenseless. I felt his penis agaist my pussy so I quickly moved to get away from it. He ask me to please let him make love to me. At first I told him know but I felt him against me again and really got excited. I moved again, but only long enough to tell him if we did it that he couldn’t cum in me. He agreed and I gave in. He was able to enter me all the way with no pain at all. I guess all of the foreplay of the past had broken me in pretty good. Bruce was screwing me real slow and I told him that It felt great, but to remember that he had to pull out before he came. We were both really getting into it when all of a sudden I heard my mother scream ” OH MY GOD !!!! “. At almost the exact same time Bruce pulled out and cum shot everywhere. He jumped up, grabbed his jeans and started out of the room. To my amazement my mother grabbed him by the penis and pulled him back in the room. She led him over to the bed where I was sitting up and ask if we knew what a chance we were taking. She told me to lay back down and she spread my legs and examined my pussy. Then she looked at Bruce and ask him if he had started cumming before he pulled completely out. He told her he wasn’t sure. Then she told me that there was cum in the hair around my pussy which was a very good indication that he was cumming as he pulled out. She gave us both a lecture like I had never heard before. Then she excused Bruce and told him he needed to leave. Then she lectured me on the chance I had taken and the reality that I could very easily get pregnant. That evening she told me to call Bruce and tell him we could still see each other and that she wanted to see him. When he came over she sat both of us down and said we would have to take responsibility if anything happened from our hormones getting out of control. She told us if we continued to see each other that she hoped we could control ourselves, but if we couldn’t that we at least needed to be responsibile and us protection. I didn’t get pregnant, but I was scared to death until I got my period. After that we decided not to have sex for a while. About six months later we did, but we used a condom and every time after that.

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