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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was a little bit of a late bloomer. I wasn’t really interested in sex most of the time, but one day when I was at school I didn’t really feel like going. I said that I was sick and got my mothers permission over the phone to leave and go home. I didn’t have a ride and one of the coaches overheard and said that he was going that way on business at another school.

He was a little fat and obviously the football type. At 40 he was still a handsome man and we had talked many times before. As I rode in his car to my house I started feeling a little odd, I guess you would call it horny! I asked him personal questions about his family life. He had been married once before and was presently seperated. He said that he had been married two times before but that the both had been annuled. I asked why and he moved a little uncomfortably in his seat and said it was “because of the way I’m built”. I thought that he meant because he was fat. I said that it was really mean and tried to make some small talk, but decided that I really was interested in him as a man.

I didn’t think much about it, but I really wanted him to visit with me for a while so I asked him to come inside for a little while. He said sure and followed me into my house. No one was home and my mom was going to be working until 7. When we got in I told him to wait for me while I changed out of my school cloths. while in my bedroom changing I started feeling a little naughty and so I put on my flannel nightgown that came down to the knees.

I came back out and joined him on the couch. I sat with my feet up under me and talked casually, always hinting at his personal life. As I talked I would move a little and occasionally let my nighty move and gave him glances at my thighs and I think he could even see my privates sometimes. He noticed too! I could see him always looking at me. He then started asking me about my sex life. I lied and told him that I had been with a few guys and that I was on the pill.

He then did something that I didn’t really expect, he kissed me. I had kissed before, but there was something aobut the way he did it that I just melted. I wrapped my arms around him and moved my body really close. He stood up and then picked me up in his arms and carried me down the hall to my room. He stood my by the bed and moved my stuffed animals to the side and pulled back the comforter. I knew what was happening, but wasn’t really sure what to expect. He kissed me some more and then pulled my nighty up and over my head. He then started to kiss my neck, down my shoulders and to my breasts. Then he kneeled on the floor and started to kiss my thighs. He took his shirt off and continued to kiss me. My knees were so shakey that I sat on the edge of the bed. He then turned me around and layed my face down on the bed and started to rub his big hands all over my back. He felt so strong and I was starting to get an idea of what was happening, and I loved it. He kissed my back and down to my bottom. He kissed me down the crack and down the back of my thighs. As he was doing this I could tell that he was wiggleing out of his pants, and I felt his penis kind of bump against my heels and feet as he kissed my backside.

After a long time of this he rolled me gently to my back and started kissing my privates. His tongue went inside and I had my first orgasm ever. I must have shaken the walls down!

He then kneeled between my legs and pulled my feet up and placed them on his chest, and one by one started to kiss my toes. My eyes had been closed, but now I opened them and saw him for the first time. His chest was big and burley, his tummy round and covered with hair, but what caused my eyes to pop out of my head was when I saw “it”! I know know why his marriages had been annuled. It was huge. I have read other stories before I posted this one and people talk about 8 inches. I didn’t measure it, but this was far longer than that and as big around as my wrist. He saw me looking and said, “do you want me to stop?” I shook my heaad and layed my head on my pillow, not really knowing what was it was going to feel like.

He layed it in my slit between the lips and started to run it up and down across my clitoris. It felt so hot and so good that I started to moan. He did this for a long time and I climaxed again, oozing stuff out until it ran down my bottom. I can still remember the feel of when he pointed it toward my hole. I felt it slip between the outer lips and start to spread me. Almost instantly I felt a stab of pain, but I kept my eyes shut and gritted my teeth together. He slid a little more and I felt myself giving way under the incredible pressure. He stopped and said “your a virgin, aren’t you?” I nodded my head and then spread my legs wider to let him know I wanted it all. He started to push some more and I cried out. He didn’t stop and I felt the rim of his huge head pop in past my hymen. he then slowely started pressing the rest inside until I could feel his massive hairy balls resting on my bottom. I was crying and wanted to stop, but I didn’t want to seem like a baby so I didn’t say anything. He stayed there for awhile and kissed away my tears and the pain subsided enough that I stopped crying. He then started making long strokes inside of me. It hurt with every stroke, but it was feeling good too. Finally he tensed up and I felt him start to pulsate inside of me. It hadn’t been feeling very good, but when I felt the first shot of seman go up inside of me I started to come again. He came forever and when he finally started going soft it felt a lot better. Finally my contracting vagina pushed him out. He laid there with me for a long time. He got up and went and got a wash cloth and started to clean me gently. I was so sore. I looked and there was so much blood that I started to get worried.

I missed school the next two days and even went to the doctor. He said that I had been torn pretty badly, but that I would be ok. I bought Mr. ….. I almost wrote his real name, I bought him a card and said thank you for giving me the ride home. We did it two other times after that. The last time was really the best. He was still huge inside of me, but it didn’t hurt after the first few seconds.

If I could do it again, I probably wouldn’t do it with him, just because of the pain. I have had two other men since, and they aren’t nearly as good at making love, and they feel kind of small once I’ve had the biggest I think that ever was.

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