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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: In the Woods
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Ok, this isn’t about my first time having sex, but my first time messing around heavily. I went to his house, and we went walking down his road a little bit. There’s this big, huge water tower near his house, and from behind it, you can’t be seen from the road. Well, we went back there, and just kinda made out for a while. Then he told me to lay down, and he slowly took off my jeans. After that, he put his head down and licked the outside of my panties. I was more or less dying by now. He then sat up, and slowly took off my panties. It was breezy outside, so I was shivering a little. He teased me a little, rubbing his fingers up & down me. By this time, I was really dying… He then put his head down, and started to kiss the inside of my thigh. He then turned his head and started to lick inside of me. I’ve never felt anything like it. It was incredible. After him doing that for a while, he just started to finger me. I was about to explode. Finally, when he was finshed, he just kinda moved up and layed on top of me. We started kissing, our hands running everywhere. After quite a bit of that, I put my jeans back on. I then lay on top of him, and we started kissing again. One thing that drives him wild is to kiss his ear, so naturally, I did. He was about to die himself. Well, I’ve never given anyone a blowjob before, but I knew that’s what he wanted, and he came right out and said it. I was chicken at first, but then I thought, “Why not?” We layed there a little more, and the longer we layed, the more aroused he got. I slowly undid his jeans, and put my hand down his boxers. I played around a little, then decided I’d do whatever he wanted. So, I teased him a little, but finally gave in and put my mouth where he wanted it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. After I finished, and after he finshed, we just lay there kissing for a long time. It was incredible. CHRISTOPHER, I’LL NEVER FORGET THAT EVENING! I LOVE YOU!!

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