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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Lake Michigan
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time was the most romantic time I have ever had.
Christian was the most gentle man I had or ever will have
met. Our first time was on prom night. We actually weren’t
together, but we had been eyeing each other for some time.
Our school buddies had made plans to go to Lake Michigan
after the prom, and we were all there. We were all enjoying
the music and the beer, and the night sparkles of the stars.
As we were sitting there across from the fire, I noticed that
Christian was watching me. I sat there contemplating my
moves and decided that he was lookin to hot tonight.
I to up and went for a walk, hoping that he would follow
me. As I wished, he did. I was only wearing my bikini and
a wrap around, and he had on jean shorts. As we walked along
the edge of the water, and listened to the waves, he grabbed
my hand. We walked hand in hand for a while, until we were
out of sight of the others. We decided to go skinny dipping, so
we took our clothes off and got into the water.. It was kind
of cold, so we decided to snuggle abit. As we were in the water
we started kissing.. He had the most remarkable kiss I have ever
encountered even to this day.. Instantly I felt kind of dizzy.
I knew that when I got that special feeling, he was the one that
was going to take my virginity. His jet black hair and dark brown
eyes just inticed me. He reached under the water and started to
message my breasts. My nipples were so hard for him. Then
he reached farther under the water and touched my hot, wet pussy.
The moment he touched it, I felt such a thrill run through my body.
He put his finger up inside me, and I thought I was going to
faint.. I had never touched it myself, and it felt so wonderful. I
had to touch him now. I reached down to feel this massive cock that
scared me to death.. I knew that it was going to hurt me for sure.
I really started to worry, as I gently rubbed it back and forth.
We got out of the water, and moved up into the sand. He kissed my neck
in all the right places.. He licked my breasts and started licking me
down towards my pussy.. He then proceeded to lick down there. I was
in total state of pleasure. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it.
He was such a man.. After I felt so many tingles, he reached up for me
to lick his dick. I gave it long licks, and short licks, and then tried
to swallow him.. He was so huge.. finally he decided it was time to stick
it in me.. I was getting really nervous, but I was so wet. It went in rather
slow at first, and then it seemed to be stuck. He pushed ever so gently
as he kissed me.. It did hurt for a few, but then as he gently penetrated me,
I felt the most pleasure I have ever had. He was so gentle and never
got out of hand until his pleasure was building.. He could not longer take it
and I could tell by the way his face was that he was going to do something..
I had never had sex, and didn’t know what was happening, but then he pulled out
and squirted it all over my breast and stomach.. I reached down to put some on my
fingers, and then I licked them to taste his love juice. It was so salty.
The taste though, gave me shivers of excitement. We once again went to swim and
wash off, and then we went back to the party. That night we shared the same tent, and
made love many times. To this day I will always remember My Christian..

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