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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Lake
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Just a few days after I turned 16, my friend was having some people over to his cabin. He called me and told me to come over because his cabin was right by mine. So I got in my truck and drove over there. I found like 7 friends of my friends sitting by the road. I was greeted with a one of those Jose Cuervo Margaritas and this girl named Liz that I had never met before. After venturing up into the woods of a near by summercamp, my friend brought out the reefer. We prssured Liz and all the other girls into at least trying it. I think Liz was tripping after like 2 hits. She was flirting so much with me and so naturally I did it back. Jenny and Tom wanted to go swimming at 11 at night, so we all decided to go. Jenny dared every one to go skinny dipping but everyone said no. After meeting Liz I couldn’t have said no. I talked some people into it, so we walked back over to my boat. After I got to a remote bay, I parked it and jumped in. I thoght Liz would for sure chicken out. I looked up into my boat and saw her taking her shirt off. That is the clearest part I can remember, because I could see her glassy eyes and big smile. I couldn’t help but notice the nice set of tits she had. She jumped in and came over to me. She put her arms around me and I got rock hard right away. I was trying to hide it so she woudn’t think I was a pervert, but she felt it anyway. She reached down and grabbed my dick by the head an pulled it close to her. I slipped in to her vagina, still warm in that freezing cold water. I remember the song “Block Rocking Beats” was playing in the boat, and I was pushing in and out to the beats. We were kissing and I was playing with her hard nips. I came and she screamed and thats when everyone looked at us. We sat and laughed in the water, but she was still really horny, I could tell it by looking at her eyes. We eventually got back in and went in. We went out together for about 2 and a half months but now were just friends. Good friends

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