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cherry popper

Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

When i was younger i told every one in school that i wasn’t a virgin. Of course i was lying but aparently some people believed me. a girl that i had acctually taken quite a liking to (we’ll call her Susan) asked for a strange favor. She wanted me to come over on her birthday and pop her cherry for her at her birthday party. Now i wasnt about to let such a genuine oppertunity slip through my fingers so of course i said yes. She told me to show up at her house at about seven and to bring plenty of comdoms. When i got there and knocked on the door she greeted me wearing nothing but a bra and panties and let me in. Iwas totally unprepared for the surprise i got inside. It was a room of all the girls from school that i could possibly have wanted to fuck. And i was going to. There of them including Susan. There was Jill, Rebecca, Christina, and Rechel.thywere all wearing just bras and panties. Susan had told them about what she asked me to do and the others dacided they wanted to get in on it. We all went to Susans room and they all pounced on me taking off my clothes untill i was standing there naked. They all stood looking at me as if they were judging me. Then Susan said that we should start as she took off her underwear and layed on the bed spreading her legs. It was the most beutifull thing I had ever seen. The rest of the girls pushed me over to her. I reached down and picked up my pants and took out the comdoms. I put one on and layed the rest on the nitght table. I layed on top of her and guided my dick into her pussy. It went in about halfway but then wouldn’t go any farther. I grasped her hipps and thrust it in the rest of the way in one hard push. She let out a loud moan and wrapped her legs around my waist. i started thrusting in and out of her going deeper with each thrust. She could hardly keep still, writhing in pleasure underneath my body. She was screaming and moaning louder than ever. We carried on for about 20 minutes then i came more than i had ever come before. I slid out of her and threw the comdom away. She was still lying there on the bed eyes closed with a big smile on her face breathing heavilly. When she finally got up Christina lay down eager to experiance the same pleasure. She was allready naked and so were the rest of the girls. i put on another condom and slid into Christina. There wasn’t as much resistance in her pussy as there had been with Susan. I fucked her in qiute the same way and she was in absolute ecctasy. She was sceaming even louder that Susan. When we finished i threw away the condom and put on another one. Then it was Jills turn. I was as excited as she was because i liked her the most, she had the biggest tits. She was lying there on the bed fingering her virgin pussy waiting to be penetrated. I leaned down and guided my dick to her pussy. She was the tightest of all of them, and damn her pussy felt the best in the world. I fucked her cunt slowly at first gradually picking up speed, thrusting deeper and deeper. God itr felt good. I fucked her for about 20 minutes untill I came. As i pulled out of her the muscles of her pussy tightened as if it didnt want me to leave. I pulled out and threw away the condom. after Jill was Rebecca. But Rebecca wanted me to fuck her up her ass. She got on her hands and knees and I came up behind her. I fingered her ass for a while to relax the muscles. When I decided she was loose enough I replaced my fingers with my hard dick. I humped her ass and she seemed to me in pain at first but after a while she started to like it. I looked down and watched as my dick slid in and out of her ass. It felt better then i ever could have imagined. She started screaming and clawind at the bed burrying her face in the pillows. I was so turned on. When i finally came and pulled out I was very tired and glad that there was olny one left to take care of. The last one was Rachel, Christinas little sister. She was ony 11 and i was surprised when Susan told me that I was suposed to fuck her too. For an old she had two nice little hand fulls of cleavage. And ass I disscarded with the last comom and replaced it with a new one i watched as she crawled onto the bed flashing her cunt at me. Chistina leaned over and asked her little sister if she was really ready for this. Rachel nodded her head yes with an eager smile on her face. As i walked over to her she lyed down on the bed watching me. As I leaned over her andguided my cock to her pussy she told me to just shove it in reall fast to break her hymen all at once. So I shoved it in real quickly and she let out a little scream of pain. I asked if she was allright and if she wanted to continue. She said she did and I started thrusting into her. As my hips pushed my dick in and out of her pussy she wrapped her arms around me and moaned. She asked me to suck her breasts and i did. She seemed to be enjoying it a lot so i went faster. She was screaming and moaning and clawing at my back as i forced my dick deeper and deeper into her swet warm young pussy. After about 20 minutes i came and she let out the loudest scream of pleasure i had ever heard. When i stopped fucking her she started kissing me. When i pulled out of her she was still drowning me in kisses I guess it was her way of thanking me for the gift i had just given her. Then all of a sudden they all jumped on me and started kissing allover my body. It was the greatest experiance of my life and when ever i saw any of those girls in the hall at school i was sure to pat them on the ass (even Rachel) and they would always give me a little kiss and sometimes slip im a little tounge.
So thats it hope u enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed experiancing it.

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