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Where it happened: grandma's house
Langauge: English
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

It was a snowy Thanksgiving at my Grandma’s house, me and my friend were necking in my dad’s car, just a couple of feet away from the house. I started playing with her breasts,and she did’nt say no, so I put my hands in her pants and felt my first pussy. It felt great! Soft, warm, and furry, so I was fingering her with one hand and awkwardly tried undoing my jeans with the other. I had my hard-on ,out and ready, and undid her jeans, and began to pull them down. She would’nt let me take them all tha way off, so got on top of her and tried to enter her warm little pussy. But her damn jeans were not down far enough to open her legs . I asked for some help, she grabbed my cock, it felt wonderful, and put me inside. We were both scared about fucking in my dad’s car, in the snow, outside my grandma’s house on Thanksgiving, but I managed several hard thrusts deep inside her furry snatch. She yelped a little and I managed to pull out and came all over her tummy and pubes. We were both kind of starled at the mess and the sight of each others pussyand my now limp dick.I’ll always remember this first sex, it wasn’t the best by any means, but it was still great!

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