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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Her Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

She was 19 and proudly half Italian. She had dark brown
hair that fell down past her shoulders and hazel eyes. Her
body was very curvaceous. She was pretty, but her most
striking feature were her breasts. They were large and full.
Of all the tits I’ve dated, her’s are number two on my
personal all-time tits list.

She was also my best friend, girlfriend. They had given up
their virginities to each other a year earlier. She had
been a technical virgin. She had been foreplaying since she
was 14. She eventually got bored and I was a virgin. As it
turned out, she liked breaking in virgins.

Anyway, she decided to have me. She lived closer to me than
my friend and she could invent ways for us to be together.
I was an accomplice. One cool night in September at the
beach, we laid down on a blanket. She asked if she could
keep her hands warm in my pants. To my mild surprise, she
slid her hands under my underwear and cradled my dick.
BOING! Soon, she suggested we go back to her bedroom to
have sex, and I agreed.

I knew nothing of sex. (Hell, I had only learned how to
tongue kiss the year before from Christine when I pulled
the car over on a dark street to make out. I kissed her the
only way I knew, “the peck”. When I did, she stabbed her
hot tongue into my mouth. Wow! Revelation! Our tongues
wrestled furiously after that. At one point, she slid down
under me and began thrusting her hips up into mine. Still,
I was too scared to do anything other than slip my hand
underneath her sweater, but over her bra to squeeze her

We drove back to her mother and step-father’s house. We
walked in, said “hi” to her mother and step-father watching
television, turned left , down two steps, and we were in
her room. She closed the door. She opened her closet where
she kept her television and turned it on. Then we got on
her canopy bed. We got undressed.

There was no foreplay. I remember her lying on her back,
naked. I was hovering over her, my knees between her legs.
She took my ready dick and guided it to her pussy, then
pulled me in. When I was all the way in I settled down on
her and rested my weight on my elbows. I wondered if I
should be doing something. I remembered the movie “Shampoo”.
A scene had Warren Beatty humping Julie Christie. All the
camera showed was Warren’s ass moving up and down. I acted
out that scene, slowing, in case I was wrong. I was right.

Sex was such an incredible new world. I loved it. When it
became obvious that I was nearing climax, I looked up and
tried to concentrate on the “Mary Tyler Moore” show to
extend that exquisite feeling of being inside her. I burst
like a screaming rocket anyway.

I rolled off her. Lying naked together, she asked how I
liked sex. Words are inadequate, and my word sucked. I said
it was “great”. Just then, her mother knocked on the door.

“We’re not dressed” she answered.

“Oh God” her mother said and turned away.

We thought it was a good time to leave. We got dressed and
walked out and sat in the car. She wanted to know every
detail of my experience, like how I knew to pump her.

Then her mother walked out to the car to scold us. “I don’t
care if you have sex” her mother said. She went on to say
that her husband did not want it going on in their house
where his two daughter’s (14 & 12) could learn of it.

She had learned a great deal by foreplaying and was a
skilled lover. During our subsequent sessions she taught me
how to make love. She left me for another friend of mine
(virgin, of course. Do you sense a trend?)

I still hear about her and even Christine. She now has four
kids, I have a daughter, and Chris has none – by choice.
(She’d want me to tell you.)

My best friend (2 kids) and I talk about her to this day.
He is a friend beyond words. Absolutely true story.

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