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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I had been pretty “proper” never even letting the boys on my few dates fondle me at all, or do much more than a kiss on the cheek.
I was working at my first job this summer. My boss was a bit older than me (I think mid 30s, but I don’t really know for sure).
I was VERY attracted to him, and tried in a very modest way to flirt now and then, but he seemed to not notice (I should tell you that he was married).

Anyway, one night after work at the restaurant he offered to drive me home, to be sure I got home safely. It turns out that my parents were away for the
weekend. I don’t know what came over me, but as we chatted on the ride to my house I decided that I really wanted to kiss him – I don’t know if I consciously wanted to lose my virginity that night – I hadn’t really thought it out. So when we
stopped at the door I asked him if he wanted to come in for coffee or anything. At first he said no, he had to get home, but then I reached out and ever so lightly touched his hand and said
“Are you sure, Dave?”. He hesitated then said “I guess a few minutes would be ok.”

Well we sat on the couch and didn’t really talk. But after a few minutes he reached for my hand and I held it really tightly. We just sat like that for a few
minutes and it was so innocent yet so romantic. I guess that gave him so courage, because from that point on he was the bolder one. After kissing for a few minutes I felt his
fingers running through my hair, then lightly down my cheeks to my neck. It felt so romantic! Then he had gently let his fingers fall to my breasts (through the knit material of my top).
He was a real gentelman, and at each stage asked my permission to go on. He was hoarse when he asked me whether he could take off my top – I whispered back yes. A bit later he took off my bras,
and it was so great to feel his hands on my breasts. No one had ever touched me there before. He caressed them so gently, not hurried at all, and kissed each lightly.

Before long he had undressed me down to my pink bikini panties. We were still on the couch in the living room.
“Can we go upstairs, Cathy?” he asked.

I smiled and led him up the stairs, first I was going to go to my bedroom, but then decided to take him to my parent’s bedroom which has a nice big queen sized bed with satin sheets. I don’t really
know for sure, but I think my parents are still pretty active sexually. They had me when my Mom was only 16, so they are still pretty young (I’m an only child).

Anyway, back to the story. He slid out of most of his clothes, and we just hugged, still standing. It was so great to feel the warmth of his body. Even though I had on my panties and he had on his
navy briefs, I could feel his penis very well when we hugged. He then lead me to the bed, and I lay down on my back. “Close your eyes” he whispered. I did that and felt his fingers exploring my body. It
was wonderful. Then I felt as he inched my panties from my hips. He kissed me lightly along my body, down each leg. I felt him pause as he was near my secret place. He touched me, but only very lightly.

Now he pulled up beside me on the bed and whispered “Are you a virgin, Cathy?”
“Yes”, I replied, trembling now.
“Do you want me to make love to you?” he asked.
“Yes”, I whispered again.
“I… I don’t have anything for protection with me.”
“I want this first time to be natural, anyway” I responded.

Now he rose to be over me, gently guiding my legs apart. At this point I was getting really scared, as things had happened a lot more than I first thought – but it seemed too late to turn back now.
He was sort of kneeling in front of me, so my legs could not be placed together again. “I’ll be as gentle as I can” he whispered as I felt his penis pressed against the lips of my vagina. I nodded.
There were a million emotions running through me. My body was aching now that what I had waited so long was so close at hand, but my mind had a million doubts.

Anyway, soon I felt as he was pressing into me. Then it began to hurt really badly. I cried a little and said “I’m sorry – I don’t want to do this.”
He didn’t respond, but just kept pressing into me. When I said the same thing again he said “Cathy, it’s too late to stop now. We’re going to have sex.”
Then with one firm push that REALLY hurt I felt my virginity go and he slid part way into me. After that it was not so bad, although it still hurt. He was very patient with me,
and we took a long time for him to fully enter my body.

Then we lay for a few minutes, he inside me. That helped my body and almost all the ache went away. “You are giving me the most beautiful gift in the world, Cathy” he said – I will always remember this night and you.
A few minutes after that we began the rhythym of intercourse. I won’t lie and say that I had an orgasm. I didn’t even come close that first time. But it was really beautiful feeling another human moving inside me.

After, I don’t know how long, I sensed his entire body tense. I then felt him as he exploded into me.

We didn’t talk for a long time, just hanging onto each other. I was crying a bit.
“How old are you?” was his first question, which was wierd and not very romantic.
“17” I answered.
We lay in my parents bed until about 2 am, then he said he had to go home.

We never made love again. I was so scared that I would get pregnant, but I didn’t, at least that time.
About a month and a half later, though, I was so hungry to experience sex again that I practically threw myself at a guy my own age that I didn’t even like that much. We went to a motel,
it felt very seedy, and made love about 4 times in one night, then repeated this for most of a week. Now I’m three months pregnant with that guy’s baby, and he is, of course, long gone.

I’ll always remember my first time though – not perfect, but very nice.

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