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Caroline in the woods

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: woods
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time was with my 17 year old cousin Bill. I had just turned 13 years old was starting to bloom. I had my first period, little tits and a fuzzy pussy. I had never met Bill before because he lived in another state. His parents sent him to stay on our farm with us for the summer. I was young and Bill was very god looking. I worshiped him and followed him around for the whole summer. I will admit I was very attracted to him but I was young and didn’t know what these feelings for him were. Whenever he brushed up against me I’d feel a tingle all over my body ! One evening we were out swimming and it turned cold. I got out of the water and was shivering. He wrapped a towel around me and held me to warm me up. I felt my whole body quiver ! I just looked up at him longingly. I didn’t know what to do ! I wanted to kiss him but I knew that it was wrong. Before I could decided to kiss him or not he kissed me on the lips. My first kiss. I melted and died ! After that we would often go off into the woods and just kiss and kiss and kiss ! Sometimes when we’d come back I’d just hide in my room. I was so confused. The kisses were so good and I wanted something more but I didn’t know what that was. I’d often lie in bed and think about kissing him and I’d feel a strange feeling in my pussy. Sometimes I’d roll over onto my stomach and rub myself into the bed. I’d rub my hips around and grind my pelvic area into the bed. I didn’t know this was a sexual feeling I just knew it felt good.
One day while we were in the woods kissing Bill put his hand on my tits. He started to rub them through the white cotton shirt I had on. I didn’t stop him. I let him play with my tits. He put his hand up my shirt and started to pinch a bit and pull. I started to get that feeling between my legs again and I knew what it meant. It meant I wanted him ! He then slide his hand down my shorts and started to rub my pussy. I thrust my pussy towards his hand and moved my hips around. I felt his finger slide into me and I let out a gasp. “Oh” was all I managed to say. His finger in my little pussy felt wonderful ! He slide it in and out as I moaned. He then slide his finger out and pull his pants out. I let out a little cry and my pussy yelled for more. I was shocked I didn’t know what to do. I wanted more but I knew it was a very bad thing I was doing. He then pulled my pants and undies off with one pull.
I couldn’t say anything. He told me to lie down on a blanket and I did. I then closed my eyes and I felt his hand on my pussy again. I closed them tighter as I heard him take off his pants. I felt something warm and moist rub against my outer lips. His hands too my legs and pushed them apart. I grabbed the blanket and waited breathless for him to enter my virgin pussy. Slowly I felt his warm hard penis enter me. I moaned as he went in deeper and deeper. I didn’t know how much I could take. Was he going to hurt me ? Finally after what seemed like forever he slide back out. I finally breathed out and he entered me again. I kept my eyes closed tight as he started to slide in and out harder and faster. I love how it felt. He screwed my pussy for a long time I was getting so sore but I didn’t want him to stop ! He let out a big moan which made me open my eyes. I was so scared by what I saw ! I opened my eyes just in time to see him pulling his penis out of me and the cum shooting out onto my tummy and pubic hair. I also saw the blood from cherry on his penis and my pussy. I got scared and started to cry. He held me while I cried and later I told him how good it had felt.

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