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Carol -14

Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: My Apt.
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I had rented a basement apartment in my landlady’s house. Carol worked three days after school doing housework for her. She owned a dance studio. Carol had brown hair large brown eyes cute face and a nice virgin, petit body with small breasts. I soon began to give her a ride home from work when she showed up leaving as I was leaving. One day I walked to my car not looking when she came down the front steps and we collided knocking each other down. On finding out she was not hurt I offered her a ride home which she accepted. Before she got out at home she slid over and gave me a kiss, saying thanks. I told her then if she wanted a ride to come down the inside stairs to my place and I would give her a ride. The next monday she worked. I got home late and was very upset. I took my shower grabbed an extra large martini and sat down to drink. Wearing only my robe. Carol knocked at the inside door. When I let her in she grabbed me around the neck and kissed and kissed me big time. She cried a bit and told me she was upset with her mom. We moved to the couch and continued kissing and kissing almost frantically. Heavy toung work and could she kiss. My hands roamed to her body and slid my hand up her soft warm thigh under the short tight skirt. She got so physical with me that my robe came opened exposing my entire body with a massive erected penis. She removed her dress revealing her small lovely naked breasts. I massaged her breasts as she massaged my body. I now lost all control frantic with lust. I began kissing and sucking on her niples causing her to become excessively aroused. I continued rubbing her wet panty crouch as she removed them also. I then massaged and fingered her hot wet cunt. Carol kissed and kissed me and now was rubbing my hard cock. I want you to do me she said and I could not bring myself to stop. I lifted her astraddle of me and guided my penis to the mouth of her pussy. She thrust and soon to my surprise had me fully inside her. She rode me hard and fast which in short brought not only me but her to a wonderful climax. I tried to be humble but she would only let me know and feel how marvelous it had been. We could not quit here we had great sex for weeks after until I moved. By some miracle she did not get pregnant. Stupid of me but so wonderful.

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