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Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Well my first time was great. Let me give you a little backround info on how it all got started. Well i meet this guy on a Wisconsin chat room and one day we desided we should meet. So i invited him to come to this party my mom was having at a bar. It was so cool we bonded so quickly. We had so much in common. Well Arun and i danced and drank and just plan had a blast. After the party he took my home and walked me to the door. I wanted to kiss him so bad but couldn’t because i hada boyfriend at that time and wasn’t having such a good relationship. I wasn’t the type of girl to cheat so just said goodbye and thanked him for the good time. I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend that night and calling Arun and asking him to come over. They next day he came. My father was gone so we had the house to ourselves for a while. Well we went upstairs and talked about our lives and he looked at me and kissed me. I thought i was going to melt. He 4 and i . A bit of an age difference but i liked him anyways. Well we started to kiss very pasionatly and then felt each other. He was so big and i coould feel his dick throbing aginst my leg. He took my shirt off and started to fingur me. I thought i was going to cum all over the place. It felt so good. Then he took my paints off and i took his clothes off. We laid there naked for a bit talken. After a bit he got a condom outta his pocket and put it on. I laid ther think oh my god i can’t believe i am doing this. I was so excited and could wait to start. He fingured me a bit more till i was all wet and about to cum again. I stoped him and started to play with his dick till it got really hard. Then he stuck he dick inside of me really slowly. It hurt a little bit but i loved it. He started to get faster and i cumed. I cummed about 3 times. We went for about 10 minutes then he cam really hard inside of me. I could feel his dick get larder as he cumed it made me scream. Them we just laid there holding each other. We made love a couple more times. Arun and i are now going out and have been for about 3 months. I love him so much.

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