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Cameron my first love and only love

Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: His condo
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

My name is Kaylie. Me and Cameron had know eachother sense we were born. Our parents have been best freinds since before we were born. At the time Cameron and I were both 20 and in college at UCLA. We lived of campus in condos right next to eachother. I had liked him since before i can remember. I had always been to afraid to tell him how i felt.
After one of our class that we had together he asked me to go get dinner with him that night. I said yes, i did not think It was a date, just 2 friends having dinner. I thought that she just viewed me as a sister are something. We parted ways; he went to his next class, i went home.
That night while i was getting ready my roommate was messing with me about Cameron. She knew that i liked him because me and her had know eachother since about the 6th grade. while we were talking we heard a knock at the door, turned and looked at the clock. It was him at the door and I wasnt even ready yet. My roommates answered the door, he came in looking hot as HELL. I told him i would be ready in a minute and to take a seat. It took me about 20 minute and I was finally ready.
Once we got to the car i could tell he was acting strange. We got to the restaurant and just talked. We i was around him i always felt comfortable just talking to him about anything, except that i was totally in love with him. I started to think about how good he was looking. He was about 5″ 10″ with really nice abs, brown hair, light brown eyes, and the most adorable smile. On top of all of that he was the sweetest guy. Dinner was great. We left and decided to go to this park and go on the walking trail. It was dark out and the stars were out.
While we were walking he started talking all crazy. About who he dates alot of girls and stuff. He wasnt getting the memo that i did not want to here about his ex girls. So i finally just told him that i did not want to here about them. He looked at me and said something like “now you see how i feel when you talk about your ex”. I did not know what to think, i just smiled It made me fell good to know he got jealous. I smiled at him and he grabbed my hand. We kept walking and talking. The trail started to get kind of scary so we turned around. We got to the car and he opened the door for me before i got in he grapped me and kissed me for what seemed like forever. We went pack to our place.
I thought about how good was. We were at a stop sign and I had to kiss him. We were the only once on the road and he started to rub my breast on the outside of my shirt. It started to make me wet. I got this felling all the time when i was with him. A car was behind us so we had no choose but to drive off. We made It back to the our places.
We were standing infront of our doors and he asked me to come into his place. I agreed with out a second thought. We went in and he went to see if his roommate was still there. He came back and started kissing me. He undid my pants and put his hands down them. He felt how wet i was. He pulled of his shirt and mine. He picked me up and took me into his room, he laid me on his bed. He stood infront of me and i undid his pants and he kicked them of. He went over to his dresser and go condoms. He handed me the box and i took one out. I put It on him. He took of my pants and panties at the same time. I pulled him on top of me. He said something like “are you sure you want to do this”, he knew i was a virgin. I said i wanted to. He opened my legs and i helped him guide his penis into my vagina. It was not as painful as i thought It would be but It was still painful. He was looking at me in my eyes and was going slow. Our bodies began to go at the same rhythm. It felt really good. He was lissing me on my neck, then my ear. He whispered in my ear that he loved me and always has. He made love to me all night.
The next morning i woke up in his arm. It has been 3 years and we are still together and in love. We are engaged. I love Cameron.

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