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Age when it happend: 29
Where it happened: in their bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

My first Time

We didnÆt plan it but we had talked about it and tonight was the night that it happened.
Carla, Gary and I all went out for drinks. Gary was CarlasÆ man. We went out to this bar danced and when the clock struck 1:00 am we decided to all go to Carlas place and watch some movies. Gary drove and when we got there we ate had food and more drinks we then proceeded to the couch were it all began. Carla turned the movie on and sat by her man. Suddenly she turned and reached to his pants and pulled his slightly big yet hard cock out of his pants and asked me if I could handle this. Shocked and too drunk to care I said yes. She told him to go into the bedroom. Carla and I stumbled into the bathroom since I am shy to undress. Carla has the juiciest tits and they are so dam big. Her nipples were hard and firm. Mine are just handfuls and were hard just waiting for what was about to happen my pussy was getting wet.
She took my hand leading me to the bedroom were I got in bed with her man she lay beside me. Gary even tough it was dark found my love spot and with his tongue began to eat my wet pussy this was so good I reached over to Carla feeling for those big hard nipples and when I found them I began to rub and teez them. Hearing her moan got me so dam horny I began to push my wet pussy up into GaryÆs mouth mmmmmmmmmmm.
Doing this to her turned me on sooo much. She got up and got her toy and Gary moved to let her have my puss she took that toy and focked me while I sucked her man.
She pushed the toy in and out of my eager puss. The thought of her a female my first females encounter was so strong I felt no pain that this big toy caused. She used it well. Then she wanted to be licked She took those big jugs and wet puss and put them by me I turned and Let Gary fock me from behind. I was so horny drunk and wet I did not care I took her sweet clean puss and pushed my tongue inside her then I took my tongue from her puss to place it on her clit and put two fingers and I sucked and licked her sweet wet clit. While doing this I was pushing my fingers in and out of her wet puss making her moan which got me even hornnier. I sucked and finger focked her soo much, she tasted so clean.
I never came I wanted her to go down on me so dam bad but she never did.
That was my first and only time. All I have left are dreams, of how it could feel to have a beautiful female eat me out, if only once.

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