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Butt Fucked

Age when it happend: 16 -17
Where it happened: In hotel room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I joined a theatre group when I was 16 and we were visited by a well known mime actor, — from Great Britain.
He was working on a play and also doing clinic on fine acting.
I was then in charge of the wardrobes and it was during costume change-over that I chanced to see Mike Barney’s dick. Even in his brieves and flaccid, the bulge seemed big.
When he went up to act, I felt very horny and needed a private place to masturbate. I have always masturbated whenever I saw one and it always happened in public urinals and public showers in swimming pools.
When the show was over I started packing Mike Barney’s costumes and headed to his hotel.
In the room he immediately undresed and stood naked in front of me this time with his dick erect. Then holding my hand gently, he led me to bed.
He told me he had noticed how I was looking at his groin in the theatre dressing room. I blushed and admitted getting aroused and envy looking at the bulge.
Then he asked me what I would do if he let me have a free reign at his dick.
I answered I would kiss and worship his dick and would suck it if he’d let me.
He smiled and I did not wait for another invitation to play his massive erection. His dick wasn’t really long-maybe 7″ to 8″, but the girth is thick maybe 2.5″ in diameter. I told him that I was really excited never having done it before.
After sometime he asked me to undressed and he looked at my small pecker and give a massage. Then he asked me to bend over at the edge of the bed and knowing I had not been butt fucked before, lubricated my butt hole with hair gel before
penetrating in me. I felt excruciatingly painful but enjoyed it later. I stayed in his room for the rests of his stay in my country, Singapore. That’s 3 more nights after my first encounter.

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