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Buddy’s Girl

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Bedroom/Shower
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had been friends with Stefanie for a long time. We had even dated for a breif period back in public school and she was my first kiss.
But the break up back then was stupid and dumb and for a long time (too long) we didn’t see each other that much. Then, this year, i became friends
with her boyfriend. We got along really well and i started talked to Stef again. We had a lot in common, but nothing could happen
because of her boyfriend. But he treated her like ass so eventually she broke up with him. She told me that part of the reason
was that she still had feelings for me. I told her that that was nice but nothing could happen between us. When they broke up we started hanging
out more. She told me having a friend like me would help her through the break up. The next day i fould out what she meant by that.
I called her up in the afternoon and asked if she wanted to do something. I knew my parents were going out and thought it’d be cool if
she came over. She agreed. She came over while my parents were still home but they eventually left, knowing we were ‘just friends’.
When they left i asked her if she wanted a drink of water. She agreed and i poured her one. I spilled the water on her and we ended
up having a little water fight. I got her shirt all wet and she said ‘now what can i do’. i told her to change and tha she could borrow
a sweater. She took off her shirt right there and put on my sweater over her bra. I took this as a sign that things were going to
happen between us. I went close to her and kissed her. She kissed right back. Slowly we made our way to my bedroom and on too the bed.
We started making out and eventually i had my hand up my sweater rubbing her breast. She was moaning hard. I started to take off the
sweater she had just put on. She helped by arching her back, thrusting her clit right onto my rock hard penis. I kissed her neck gently,
as i made my way down to her breasts. I sucked on them hard for a long time until finally she was ready to burst. She said ‘keep going’, so i
undid her jeans. She slid them off and revealed only a thong underneath. She started rubbing my abs and quickly removed my shirt. She layed down
on me so both our bare chests were on top of each other. She ran her fingers down my stomach and slowly down to my pants. She undid my belt and
threw it on the floor. She had trouble undoing the zipper of my pants because of my boner but they eventually came off. She started giving
me a hand job for awhile but i knew she wanted more. I reached down to her shaved pussy and thrust 3 fingers right up. She moaned loudly
as a thrust my fingers in and out. She then said ‘more, more’ and i asked if we needed protection (i didn’t know if she was on the pill).
She said ‘yes’ so i quickly went and got one. She waited well i put it on and then i slid back into the bed. She got up and moved on top
of me. She grabbed my cock in her 1 hand and fingered herself with the other. Then she thrust my cock deep into her pussy. The feeling
was indescribable as we both moved. She placed her hands on my abs and started moving up and down on my shaft. She said ‘do you like that?’
and all i could do was smile! I lasted far longer then i thought i was and she was glad because it got her really worked up. Eventually i
asked if she would like to go in the shower. She said, “I’ll be there in a minute” so i went in the shower. A few minutes later she opened
the curtain and stepped in. We continued to fuck in the shower with the water running down our bodies. And i must add that sex in the
shower is the best form of sex! Eventually we were both tired and had to stop form exhaustion. We dried each other off and put our clothes back
on, then she left. I don’t know if she did it just because of the break up or if it was a one time thing. Either way, i don’t care…I’m glad
my first time was with an old friend!

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