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Bubble bath

Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: bathtub
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I went to a friend’s house to spend the night. I had a crush on her 14 year old brother and was pretty bashful because he knew it and thought I was too young.

Kathy and Ricky shared the bathroom between their bedrooms. Each bedroom had a door to the bathroom. Kathy told me I could take a bath first because I wanted a bubble bath and she wanted a shower. I prepared the bath and locked both doors while everyone else watch a movie in the family room downstairs.

During my bath, the door opened from Ricky’s room, even though I knew I had locked it. Ricky was naked and his dick was hard and stuck straight out. For about two seconds he pretended he didn’t see me in the tub, then stopped, said “Oh, I’m sorry,” and grabbed his hard dick. “I just wanted to wash my dick,” he said. “Maybe you can do it for me.”

I was so embarrassed because I’d never seen a real dick before or had a guy see me naked before. I scooted down in the tub so my breasts were coverd by the bubbles. I turned my eyes away and told him I didn’t think I could do that. He just stepped into the tub and said “Oh, I think you can.” He reached down and pulled my hand up to his dick until I wrapped my fingers around it. Then he knelt down with me holding his dick and told me to just rub the soap on it with my hands and rinse it off. I did this without looking at it, but soon realized by his moaning that I was making him feel good. I said I’d better stop. He said “Okay. That’s cool. But now I have to wash you.” I protested he didn’t, but he said he did.

I almost died when he started pulling me out of the water, and managed to turn away from him. That was a mistake. I was on my hands and knees in the bubble bath and he was behind me. I felt his fingers rubbing my pussy and realized he didn’t really know what he was doing. He was reaching too high for my hole. I almost started laughing when he found my hole and tore my cherry with his fingers. I started crying and he leaned over my back, trying to hug me and comfort me. He wasn’t being kind or considerate, he just didn’t want me to tell anyone what he’d done. I promised him I wouldn’t tell. He scooted forward over me to kiss my neck or something like that and his dick pushed against my pussy opening. That seemed to drive hime wild and he shoved his dick forward and it just went into me.

It hurt like hell and I started to yell, but he covered my mouth with a wash cloth until I shut up, then he fucked me 4 or 5 strokes, pulled out, and shot his jizz all over my behind. Then he made me turn around and show him my pussy, which was bleeding. He washed it for me and made me soap down his dick again with my hands. He was still hard. I did this and he held my hand and showed me how to “wash” him, but really he was just jacking off with my hand. After a long time of doing this, I said my hand was getting tired and he turnd me around again and again put his dick in my pussy. This time it didn’t hurt too much. He fucked me about 5 minutes and then pulled out, turnd me around real fast (splashing water all over the floor), and shot his jizz all over my breasts and ribs and legs. Then he wiped his dick to get the oozing jizz off and got out. He went to his room without even drying off. I didn’t enjoy it at all.

I washed his jizz off me real good, dried off, and went into Kathy’s room and dressed for bed. A half hour later the movie ended and Kathy came up and went into the bathroom. Immediately she came back to her room and whispered, “I see Ricky’s wet footprints on the floor. I hope he didn’t pull that old ‘I want you to wash my dick’ trick. He did that to me once, but I told Mom.” “He tried,” I lied, “but I ran him off.” “Good,” she said back to me, “but how did his feet get wet?” “I splashed water on the floor,” I lied again. She believed that and took her shower. I was too ashamed to tell her or anyone what Ricky did, but when I told my boyfriend about it 2 years ago, he went to the garage where Ricky works and punched him out.

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