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brother’s sister

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: frat house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I had always been proud of my virginity, although it had never been seriously tested. Sooner or later, I knew it would come. One of my fraternity brothers had a sister who had a huge crush on me. One night I went by his room to chat and she happened to be there. I congratulated her on winning the intramural swim meet at our college earlier that day , and she seemed very happy to have gotten my attention. I hugged her, not knowing what was ahead and told her I wanted to party with her later. I hit the men’s room, and when I returned, I found her wating anxiously in my room. She was drunk (although so was I)and talking about how much she wanted to have me as he first. I was attracted to her, so I wanted to oblige, and we wasted no time getting naked. Unfortunately, I was too drunk too get it up!! So we split ways for a few hours. We went to different parties, but happened to meet back at the frat house later that evening. She was still very interested in losing both our virginities and I wanted to please her(and me).Fortunately I has sobered up and could fulfill my end of the deal. I asked her to suck my pole to get my erection started. Like the angel she is, she agreed with no hesitation, doing a damn good job. I “came to attention” in a flash (she gives great head),and asked her to remove her panties. I inserted my rod into her vag and began to thrust in and out. Needless to say, I lasted about two minutes, but she still enjoyed my love(remember,it was her first time too). We fell asleep in each others arms and had even better sex the next morning. Sadly, we had a fight later the next week and have never been with each other since, although we are still good friends. She jokingly calls me he “future husband”. I have not totallly ruled out such thoughts. She is a different type of girl, but truly a keeper.

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