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Brother-in law, BIll

Age when it happend: 29
Where it happened: Cottage
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Bill is my husband’s younger brother. He’s 19, just graduated from high school, and has started his first year in college.He is a hunk,if you know what I mean. Sort of looks like a young Paul Newman.

Last Summer Bill’s parents rented a nice cottage up on Walloon Lake in Michigan, and they invited my husband and I up for the weekend. On a Saturday morning, my husband and his father were out fishing on the lake, and my Mother-in-law, and the lady who was living in the cottage next door had gone in to town to get a few groceries for dinner that evening.

I hadn’t paid much attention, and thought Bill had gone fishing with his Dad and my husband, too, but he had not.
I was in the laundry room, putting some clothes in the washing machine, when Bill suddently came up behind me. I had not heard him until I felt him grabbing me around my waist and pushing his jeans into my buttocks. At first I thought my husband was back from fishing, but then I saw it was Bill, and he was saying to me, “Hey Cathy, you’re much too pretty to be doing laundry on a nice day like this. Why don’t you let me make love to you.” I was just wearing some shorts and a light blouse at the time, and when he began rubbing his hands up and down my body and chest, it felt like magic. He kept telling me how he’d never made love to anyone before, and how much he had always wanted me.

Bill and I had teased each other from time to time over the few years I’d been in the family — innocently telling each other what greatr bodies we had, but it had never gone beyond that. In the back of my mind, however, from time to time, I had wondered what it would be like to have him make love to me.He was such a good looking kid — tall, blonde hair,and very muscular and strong.

Pretty soon he was breathing down my neck and kissing it, and unbuttoning my blouse so he could get a better feel of my breasts, which were getting harder by the minute. Then, he turned me around and began kissing me on the mouth, and slipping his tongue in and out of my lips, and telling me how great I felt. I must admit, at this point, he felt real good to me, too, and I could feel his hard-on pressing against me between my legs.

He asked me if I liked this, and I told him I did, but what if someone came in and saw us. He said no one would be back for awhile, and “I really want to FUCK you, Cathy! Please let me!” Then he said,”You want to do it, too, don’t you,”I and I nodded my head up and down and whispered “Yes.”

Quickly he took off my shorts and blouse, and my bra and panties, and he slipped out of his jeans. He was bare-chested at the time, and pressed his chest into mine, I was in absolute heaven! With his rock hard penis pressing against my vagina he began to dry-fuck me, but then he found my opening, and he began exploring my love channel with his stiffened penis, slowly, slowly and then more rapidly, until finally he was shooting sperm into me furiously, yelling, “Oh God, Cathy, this is so good! So good! Don’t you just love it?” I told Bill that he felt wonderful and to please not stop. We kept fucking there, buck naked against the washing machine,until we had both climaxed several times, all the while caressing each other closer and closer, joining our bodies into one great love-making machine.

It lasted about a half hour, and we had just managed to get our clothes on when we heard my husband and his Dad coming up the trail from the lake. They told us they had a great catch of fish for dinner that evening. Bill helped them scale the fish and get them ready for supper, and we all had a fine meal.

My husband and I stayed that Saturday evening, and had a great love making session in our own bedroom that night.

On Sunday, we left for home, down in the Detroit area, and as we got into our car to go, Bill came over, and said goodbye, and hoped we could get together again sometime soon. I haven’t seen him since then. He’s in college in East Lansing. We do get a note or Email from him once in awhile, and he’s telling us how his studies are going, and how his “love life” is going. In his last note, he said he’s trying to convince his parents to rent the cottage on Walloon Lake again this Summer. If they do, perhaps we can find time for one or two more love-making sessions.
I do love to make love with my husband on a regular basis, but that young stud brother of his was a little “change of pace” for me, and, as they say, ‘Variety is the spice of life.”

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